Veiled Appearances

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Poetry by Natasha Ramsey
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I wonder
What would it take for you to
Support at a local venue,
Buy my book,
Drop a twitter or facebook comment on a new poem,
Maybe spot me a listen on reverbnation?

I try to stay focused; positive,
But sometimes it’s discouraging.
Seeing you all decked out, glammed up and lined up for Jay, Kanye, T-Pain and even Lady Gaga,
Yet claim poetry ain’t your thing so you can’t attend a free joint I’m hosting,
I guess you just hear the beat, don’t really listen to what they’re saying.

Feigning distaste for foolishness on MTV and BET
Secretly desiring lifestyles of Gucci and Weezy.
Buying all the bandanas and wife-beater merchandise you can get your hands on,
Attempting to disguise who you are
So when judgment day comes,
You’ll be safe ’cause
You can claim a case of mistaken identity.
After all, you were just pretending to be the celebrity.

All Rights Reserved 2009 || Natasha Ramsey

  1. Barron says:

    This poem is so true and to the point… It is sad when truly organic forms of expression and the artists themselves are overlooked, under supported and otherwise unappreciated. Yet, people flock in droves to see mindless, senseless and conceptually “bankrupt” music and expressions by “popular” artists. What makes them “popular”? The fact that they are plastered all over your TV and the internet? Or the substance of their work? Hmmm….. Great poem Natasha. :o)

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