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Posted: November 11, 2009 in Pushing my buttons!
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I was told I can’t comment about assimilation by Mexicans because the subject was about foreign labor and assimilation patterns and since I’m not Mexican, I can’t understand. I was later told I can’t relate to oppression and feelings of resentment by black americans because I’m not seen as black and I wasn’t born here. I have also been told I wouldn’t understand privilege because I’m not rich, nor am I white.

Well hell dangit on a stick! How and WHAT am I supposed to understand or feel when these topics are broached? Should I walk away and be quiet? Why then, isn’t President Obama walking away from topics that pertain to the Chinese? By this flawed logic, even the POTUS wouldn’t understand Chinese lifestyles.

Yes, I am angry. I think it’s a cop-out to hide your ignorance or pending disagreement with my opinion if it doesn’t mesh with yours so when people say, “how would *you* know?” Or “who do *you* think you are to say that?”…what they’re really saying is “I don’t agree, so I’ll resort to being the *only* subject matter based on race/culture”, etc.

Yes, I dare say it. Sue me. Oh yeah, you can’t due to the First Amendment and all. I have the right to think whatever I want about whomever I want, whenever I want. Sound like a rebellious teen? So what? I will wholeheartedly write and think what I want. Want to know why?

I’ll tell you a little secret about the Island I’m from and my background. I am a blend of at least four groups of people who descended from various continents. I am more african in terms of lineage and culture in which I was raised than some black americans. I have creole blood and may or may not secretly wish I know Voodoo. I have the Mayan blood line mixed up with those of Turks and a line of ancestry from India. Sure that may seem almost impossible to understand but my point is simple – take your proverbial heads out of orifices that hold them tight and warm and snuggly and please stop judging books by their covers. Take the time to listen with an open mind and let us share thoughts, ideas and opinions. That’s the only way we’ll survive and evolve…as humans.


  1. Toni says:

    *Clapping wildly*. People tend to make comments based on appearance. They don’t know of the experience and knowledge that you may posses. They assume that they know more about a topic but instead of hearing input from some one else they loud talk and put down which ultimately show their lack of knowing..

    • Thanks Toni! =) You’re right – many assume they know you based on appearances and as we’ve proven time and time again, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Granted, we all have barriers to work past and things we learned growing up, but as adults, I believe we can move past those barriers and try to become better educated about our world and our fellow humans in it. (Pushing soapbox back under couch now lol)

  2. As my username implies, I am proud of where I come from and the related reality of a “blended” and multi-cultural family lineage. I applaud that you are so keenly aware of your roots and embrace them all equally.

    I think, however, that having that sense of self places you in another “minority” status. I believe that a large number of people who discourage conversation on matters of cultural experience (especially those people that we encounter randomly in our everyday lives) suffer from an unconscious insecurity….. simply because they don’t really understand themselves….. much less the “big picture” of their own “cultural experiences.”

    Buying into the perceived inability to “see the forest through the trees”, I would assume that those who are truly interested in increasing awareness, sensitivity, or even clout….based on their stance on cultural issues, would welcome an opportunity to hear an outside perspective…. if for no other reason than to sharpen their own ability to defend truth against propaganda or other misconceptions.

    At any rate….Good for you, in not allowing your voice to be muffled by the masses!

    • Thanks for stopping over to read, share your comments and insight, lady!! I think you’re right – many may not know themselves, their backgrounds, etc. and so they hold fast to what they do know. I also agree that the best way to, as you stated, “defend truth against propaganda”… is to engage the “enemy” of my ideas.

      Oh, and yeah good point about that other “minority” status! Hmmm, well then how about we just call it “minority to the nth” and stop there because I’ve run out of fingers and toes to count on….

      Thanks for appreciating the need to be “me” and I applaud your outlook and approach!

      Peace sis.

  3. Shawn Cole says:

    You are the best blend of you and don’t you ever forget it. 😉

  4. CreoleSugar says:

    I AGREE! I’m sick of people who act like they know everything but don’t know s***!

    • lol girl, I know you are!!! I remember twitter convos you had a few times.
      You’re right – many think they know it all but really don’t…Admittedly I don’t, that’s why I want to engage others in conversation. Helps me understand their points of view so I can try to take a step in their shoes.
      THANKS for reading!! 🙂

  5. Michelle R says:

    Firstly LOL at Dang it on a stick. That had me laughing for a full nine seconds without breathing.

    Secondly, I’m excited by the subject matter! I took a few moments to wrestle with the notion that people do this because they think it’s their subject matter only and I see that! Plus, sometimes it’s not that they disagree, it’s that they didn’t think twice in fear that you may be right.

    As for the mix! Yep, you sound like a West Indian! Hahaaa!

    • LOL Glad you appreciate my randomness of trying not to diminish my message by cursing outright but still expressing frustration while being me!! =)

      I think you’re right – it’s not just a matter of ignorance, it’s being closed to other people’s perspective from jump and/or fear of a number of things.

      Yeah girl, you know how we West Indians are! lol I was tracing back and got lost so many times, I had to keeping re-tracking. That’s what happens with so many kingdoms and people fighting over soil for generations, aye?

      Thanks for reading, Michelle my online cheerleader!!! 🙂 Luv ya!

  6. Th3rd says:


    That was hot and so very deep & true Natasha!

    • Hey poetry partner in crime! 🙂

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I don’t have all the answers and I certainly don’t see myself as an expert but I would like to be able to have open dialogues about some topics without the “what is she?” barrier being put up as soon as they see me. I’ve also felt it at several poetry places with some of the pieces I do.
      Oh, and I definitely agree with your comment below – ahhh, the hypocrisy…

  7. Th3rd says:


    I hate how someone else tells you what and how you should and shouldn’t feel. Listen to the hypocrisy in that statement.

  8. MJ says:

    Thank you for this. While I can understand people’s desire “own” their experiences and to want to feel unique, I hate when people act like you can’t empathize or haven’t experienced similar things because you’re not the exact same people. For example, I can’t claim to know everything about you, but I can empathize. I think it’s bullshit that someone would treat a black person like a criminal based purely on their skin color. I hate that you have had to endure racially charged comments in the street because of who you are and who you married. I don’t know what it’s like to be able to be pegged as “different” by sight, but I have had to endure hateful remarks made by people who don’t know I’m of the religion they’re bad mouthing. I have living family members who were taken from their homes and were thrown into concentration camps because of their heritage. Those who lived came to this country, to England or went to Israel with nothing and made lives for themselves. To this day, there are campaigns against shopping at Jewish-owned stores in this country, and “jew” is used as a derogatory term. No. I can’t understand exactly what you went through, but I have experienced unfounded hatred, as so many people have. I think we could benefit by acknowledging our different experiences while finding the similarities among them. We have a better shot at ending discrimination if people who have experienced hate band together instead of fighting among one another. That’s just my take…

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