Closed for Business

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Mentally older than my young years
I still have phobias,
fears that may seem unfounded to some.

A nightmarish numbing of the mind feels like blows to the chest as I shed nightly tears over wanting a
life that evades,
a life…I thought was mine.

spoken for,
decisions made not out of distrust, hate,
settling or waiting for the next best option in store;
…but about living the way you were expected,
loving who you were supposed to,
wanting what you could not have…
to sum it up – marriage,
a baby carriage that held more than just offspring.
It captured your life’s purpose, mission and desires with vows that made you submissive
but only because it was God’s will as dictated by priests, reverends and pastors,
whom many would never dare question.

So being owned
became a determined right and since it was supposedly best for society,
ended up being best for chattel like women and property…
and as you know, any threat to ownership in many regions is most vehemently protested, fought, shunned….

Holding my head in my hands I scream, cry for salvation,
finding I’m left with only one weapon of mass destruction,
I fight back…
…my ovaries are closed,
never will I risk a daughter to this unfair, unjust, greed-ridden, hateful, homophobic, glass ceiling world.

Copyright 2009 || Natasha Ramsey || All Rights Reserved

  1. Michele says:

    “so being owned became a determined right . . .”

    Good stuff right there. Wish I had read that 11 years ago

    • Thanks Michele! I appreciate that and certainly understand it. I wish I had the outlook I have now, 10+ years ago. We live, learn and move on, right? Stay strong Sis. I love what you’re doing and I know all of the good vibes will be repaid heartily!


  2. Toni says:

    Deep.. very deep.. Kudos luv!

  3. MJ says:

    Powerful words. So many people live their lives according to “God’s will as dictated by priests, reverends and pastors, whom many would never dare question.” We should question everything–every norm, every expectation, every tradition. Just because something has been done a certain way by most people, doesn’t make it right for everyone, or even anyone.

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