State of the Union

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Poetry by Natasha Ramsey
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I usually try to keep my cool
Have rational conversations and logical arguments with friends and relations
But recently, I’ve felt so much frustration.
Some people really make my blood boil and
before I lose your attention due to my crass observation, let me mention that I was a bit blind too
I wondered, “Why can’t we just all get along?”
Now I know better than to ask that of anyone…

Prejudice is often based on some form of racial bias and while it may not seem obvious to some, allow me to explain…
Michael Richards called someone a bad name, which is his right,
since my rights are the same
I pronounce Michael Richards, Harry Reid, Strom Thurmond and John Mayer varying degrees of racist clowns,
All of whom would certainly deny the claim.

One may not be as bad as the other but
lack of acceptance of all as just human
Be it through blatant disrespect, trying to uphold segregation, using David Duke and n***er in parallel sentences, or not being aware of what the politically accepted phrase is
Means it’s all the same
Sadly, overt as well as cloaked racism is alive and well today.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2010.

    • Thanks MJ! I always appreciate your comments and eyes. I was a bit skeptical about posting this piece but decided if someone felt strongly against it, we’d at least have a good conversation…
      Be well, lady!

  1. Terry says:


    • Thanks for reading again!! I took some crap for posting this but hey, I figure if you disagree, let’s have a rational conversation about it…if not, move on…nothing to see here lol

  2. DokteKLB says:

    Bonjou, Miss Ramsey!

    How art thou haha

    Well, if they want to be clowns to incite hate and division, let us play the game to win and act like entertained audience members and LAUGH all the way to the bank.

    I like poets who keep it real LOL.

    Take care, and make it a great day!

    Love toujours,


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