Picture a new life

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I don’t need that out of focus photo we spontaneously snapped
the time we hiked
then collapsed into a pile of arms and legs on the living room floor
Examining red, black and blue bumps and bruises like souvenirs
Yours, more pronounced than mine.

I don’t need that random shot of us
with messy hair
curled up scared on that twin size hospital bed,
Best friends holding on to each other
Watching x-rays of fractures, sprains and broken bones
A different set of pictures to add to our collection that day.

I don’t need more evidence to confirm what is already known
Love does not come with concussions seen through black eyes
I swore no more rushing to your side only to be told,
“She’s lucky to be alive”.
Rest now you have nothing to fear
Dead men tell no tales nor hurt their wives ever again.

All Rights Reserved || Copyright 2010 – Natasha Ramsey

  1. Natasha this is powerful! You really need to share this with the DV population.


    • Thank you Deb!! I truly appreciate your encouraging words and I certainly hope to share this…too many people ignore signs and warnings until it’s too late.
      Peace and Love,

  2. MrQ45 says:

    Wow. That 3rd stanza threw me. I thought it was a sweet poem about a lovely couple. Then BANG! It got real.

    Great job Natasha!

  3. MJ says:

    Well done, Natasha. I especially enjoyed the last line.

    Why DO so many women go back to abusive men? At what point does supporting a friend who’s being abused turn into enabling them to do nothing about their situation?

  4. THANKS MrQ45!! I appreciate your comments and feedback as always!!
    I’m glad that was a twist you could feel. You’ve read some of my darker pieces and you still come back 🙂 I thank you.

  5. THANKS MJ, you always find time to read my work and I truly appreciate you!! HUGS 🙂 You know, that’s the million dollar question…why DO women go back into abusive situations? Sadly, there are so many reasons, none of which are good reasons. However, there are often friends/family who see it and either can’t get the person to leave or doesn’t want to get involved. Hopefully, someone will be inspired to try to find a way to help someone who needs it.

  6. Terry says:

    WOW….that’s a true friend!!! Very well written. You sucked me in again!

    • Thanks for reading, Sis!! Yes, a true friend indeed. So many people know it’s happening but don’t (can’t or refuse to) do anything about it…
      Glad I sucked you in 😀

  7. djthr3e says:

    *speechless* ……….wow

  8. Charles says:

    The ending was totally unexpected but all too true. A nicely crafted piece.

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