My Chucks

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

You helped me overcome my first day anxiety,
Walking through the hallways of my new high school,
I looked around to see many others just like you walking by,
I fit in.
Something I never did before.
Distressed jeans, matching top – none of those mattered
for the coolness factor, only my high top chucks.
In college you were one of a kind
I made you uniquely mine,
painted your sides with multiple peace signs,
love conquers hate signs,
rage against ‘Nam signs….never mind I was a decade late
for that particular political stance.
You protected me against weather,
Honestly, only barely but more importantly,
your safe walls steered me away from a life destined for pure and utter introverted geek fame.
So no matter how often your popularity comes or goes,
How designers may glam up your name,
I continue to rock my chucks – high top or low cut.
However, I do draw the line at the prettied-up plaid sparkly ones,
Not because I’m a snob; but because I need originality.
For me, this isn’t a style, it’s part of my identity.


  1. Very cute ode to the sneaks!

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