Guff vs. Grit – What makes up your Constitution?

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Poetry by Natasha Ramsey, Pushing my buttons!

So I’ve been thinking long and hard (no puns intended) about whether I want to get into the whole Chick-fil-A crapstorm that brewed, then died down, then brewed again, and well, you get the point. The thing is, I believe in freedom of speech. And yes, I absolutely despise hate in any form. Regardless of your opinion on a topic, I believe that while acceptance is great, tolerance is even better and yes, although I despise the chicken CEO’s words, I believe he has a right to his opinion. We live in America, after all.

So, what’s a girl to do? Simple – I choose to avoid this fast food chicken hole! This is pretty easy for me because not only do I avoid patronizing places that tout zealot Christian views and idiots, of which the idiot aspect is way more subjective and sometimes sneaky, I try to avoid fast food as much as possible so with one less option on the menu, avoiding this spot will aid my health goals.

Now from a different angle to get to the same understanding. Many people believe that being gay is a choice and that unlike the color of our skin, which we’re born with (unless you’re bleached but that’s a different topic for a different post), being attracted to someone of the same sex is not an inherent trait. Whatever your view on the nature vs. nurture topic, I say that’s your freedom to think, believe and practice, just as it was the chicken guy CEO’s right to spew what he did and just as it is my right to say he’s an ass.

But! Let me re-emphasize that I do not agree with what chick dude said, but I support his right to say it. I believe in the U.S. Constitution and freedom of speech is right there in it. That statement alone may get me some hate mail, but it’s really how I feel. Now I will tell you what irks my pie hole – the law makers who want to change the Constitution to define marriage – which, by the way, last I read, is not literally in, or implied, the U.S. Constitution in the first damn place! Therefore, I will protest changing of the Constitution every single time it’s addressed.

Let’s face it, why should the government tell me what the word marriage means? I’m not under British rule or from a lineage line so long that I could build a bridge from the U.S. that would take you across the pond so why is the U.S. government trying to define my life or anyone else’s the way these definitions were done under British rule decades ago? And to those who are loving London because of the Olympics now, I’m from a formerly British ruled island so I’m allowed to hate so back to the point at hand…

Don’t protest something that an individual does or says with tweets, jokes and a one-day protest only. Protest with dollars – that’s what speaks volumes in our country. Do protest changing a framework to define details that aren’t even in there to begin with. The framework that is the Constitution holds strong for decades, do not destroy it.

In a nutshell, keep your opinions, penises, and lips out of other people’s bedrooms. Instead, go and take a look at your own life. If your significant other is reading “50 Shades of grey” or Zane books, or streaming porn 24/7, you have way bigger problems than gay marriage, chicken comments, or perceived perversion.

If you want to do your own research  before deciding, click the image below to get to the U.S. Government Archives.Image

  1. cbosborne says:

    As you were hesitant to weigh in on the subject at first, let me say thanks for doing so. Your clarity of vision and dry wit were refeshing!

    • Thank you for stopping over to read and for the feedback! I appreciate it. I know everybody has an opinion and some refrain from sharing or discussing so I had to really process my feelings before I decided to jump in to the fray.

    • Brad, thank you for the very kind words about my writing and about my poetry, which is near and dear (ha, that rhymed!) to my heart. I would like to remind my friends who read this blog to not only go check out Brad’s “CommonsensiblySpeaking” blog because you’ll enjoy his commentary, but to give an uplifting thumbs up to someone who shares something worthy of kudos. After all, the unexpected kind comment on his blog made my day and I’d like to pay it forward and remind us all to do the same!

      Thanks Brad – you reminded me to continue to pay it forward and give thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Florence says:

    I totally agree with you. And I wish it was just our Constitution and laws they’re trying to change. Plus I’ve been hearing that Chick-Fil-A has been donating money to those Christian extremists groups, who have been collaborating with the Ugandans to pass that law to execute homosexuals. For me, this whole thing has veered off into legalized murder.

  3. adamt says:

    Our key here is how to disagree without being disagreeable. When belief systems are involved, you’re dealing with the framework of a person’s identity- that which fuels his convictions. As we engage each other and differences arise, presenting a challenge to someone’s belief system should never include a personal attack.

    That being said, I present what I believe. My belief system as it stands today is based on my belief in God. And the expression of my beliefs are predicated on my belief in what the Bible- God’s word- states. I believe that the Bible is the final authority for faith and practice. From personal study I am of the belief that God established divine order and instruction when He created the earth and all that is in it so that His purpose in the earth might be achieved, and so that man would be blessed. That purpose is achieved, it is my belief, through man and his generations. What God placed in man is transmitted through his generations, so that what man achieved would be passed on through his seed as a legacy. The joining of two of the same sex would subvert that legacy, subvert man’s generational blessings, and ultimately subvert God’s purpose in the earth. God spends ample time in declaring prohibitions to that effect in His word- that is in the Bible. I don’t feel that I have an entitlement to judge based on that belief, but I have no problem sharing that belief to any that ask. According to my belief there is but one righteous judge, and it is He that will ludge all matters in the time that He has ordained. I try to the best of my ability to engage people without judgment, but my conviction is to declare the truth of gospel. It is my commission as a minister of the Gospel.

    The grasshopper don’t do no halfsteppin! What have I done???? lol…. peace!

    • Sensei Adam 🙂 Thank you for reading! I always enjoy your feedback. Our friendship is a great example of us not having to agree, have the same religious beliefs or opinions, in order to get along and appreciate what we both have to say. Granted, we have other things in common (poetry, etc.) so conversations are not limited to these hot button topics, whereas some people only have discussions based on differing opinions, thus causing constant strife. That being said, I couldn’t agree more with, “Our key here is how to disagree without being disagreeable”.

      To respond to a piece of what you shared with us, (thank you for your words!) I will say that I do not believe that gay unions (marriage, civil unions, relationships, etc.) will subvert any of god’s blessings. Why? Because various beliefs – spiritual/religious/otherwise termed – have differing views on the topic and more so, differing interpretations. And again, with that being said, I fully support your right to speak on your beliefs, and engage in conversation, as I do for my thoughts on a subject. See, freedom!! We must own it every time and still leave with a smile and hug!

      Yessir, the lil grasshopper has been let loose and she’s skipping and getting naked *in my James Brown voice* “Watch out now!” Peace and Love 🙂

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