Wonderful Humans

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Wonderful Humans
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This is post #2 in my series of Wonderful Humans who are doing things that not only enhance their lives, but directly or indirectly benefit our world. My first post told you why I admire friend and author, Pam Reaves.

I want to remind that not only tangible goods must be created and produced in order to make our lives, and the lives of those we care about, better. In fact, the other main reason this talented person made my list, is because of her outlook and enthusiasm for life and her courage to change her life when things were not exactly as she wanted them to be. 

Today’s wonderful human is my best friend and someone I love, Toni Stiles. In addition to being well on her way to becoming an RN, she’s studying for years, which includes stressful clinicals plus working 12 hr shifts, sometimes back to work, and still manages to be a positive role model for her children – both of whom are making her incredibly proud.

Toni went back to school for nursing at a later age than most. She put her life and her children’s lives a bit on hold and took the cold, hard, but refreshing plunge into a nursing program that is not only extremely competitive, but one that is very demanding and less than forgiving. She wants to help people – plain and simple. In her former life, she was the proprietor of a thriving day care for several years and to those who have ever had to take care of multiple children (GASP – something that will make me run screaming!), you know that’s not only a tough field, but one that requires enormous trust of your clientele and diligence to succeed.

Well, I’m not only congratulating her on the return to school and for kicking butt in this program and no this isn’t an obituary. Besides, what good is an obit if the person’s dead and can’t read about all the good things you think and say about them to their face? Oh, where was I…? Oh yes, I’m congratulating her on being a wonderful human because between working her tookus off at one of the most recognized names in all of hospital land, she’s managed to raise two well-adjusted, respectful, beautiful children. A boy who’s a proud Marine, about to embark on an adventure in which he will be serving his country and a girl who not only exceeds in all of her classes by being in mostly gifted and talented classes, but one who is blossoming into a beautiful young woman and awesome artist.

Oh, and this woman also wrote a novel before her nursing program days. We hope to bring it to life for you bookworms soon. But before I digress again, I wrote this post as an ode to someone I love, respect and admire for her tenacity, enthusiasm for life even when life pukes on your shoes and when you bend over to clean it up, bonks you on the back of the head and steals your wallet, and selfishly, for being a stable rock in my life.

I also wanted to highlight that all of the mothers, grandmothers, and fathers who are not just egg/sperm donors and who are present and leading by example, you are Wonderful Humans and I admire you!

Let’s face it, raising wonderful humans who are productive members of society is a great contribution to our community and many people forget about those tireless parents in our lives who support and nurture us. So let’s remember to hug our caring parents, and show some support for the soccer moms, potty trainers, boo boo healers, loving arms and ever encouraging people who raise us and those who share our world.

Who’s your wonderful human? 

  1. LaKeisha Fleming says:

    That’s so sweet!!!

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