Food Review: Ruth’s Chris Steak House (Baltimore)

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Food Review
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Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Baltimore

The Good:

Excellent steak! (pics included below) We had the porterhouse for two and my, what a beaut she was when she showed up all sizzling on the 500 degree plate. The porterhouse was perfectly cooked at a medium temperature with a warm pink center and the soft, succulent pieces of USDA prime cut with both the tenderness of a filet and all of the flavor of a NY strip danced over my tongue with every bite.

The a la carte side choice was asparagus in a hollandaise sauce. Honestly, I didn’t care whether there was a party dress on my asparagus because I am such a fan if it’s lightly steamed and crunchy, which this was, but I hear the sauce was good so I’ll rate it as such. J

To accompany this feast, we chose a red wine that some may consider lighter than desired for a NY strip, but I highly recommend it because of the smoothness and taste. The lucky wine of the night was an Australian Shiraz from Rosemount Estate (pic included below) and surprisingly, one of the less pricey wines on the list. Don’t let the price fool you though. While I would typically pair a Shiraz like this with a peppered steak or a burger, the dark, smoky taste left delicious layers of ripe plums in a hint of oak on my tastebuds that complemented the orgasmic bites of steak.

The dessert was awesometasticer than the steak! We had bread pudding in a whiskey cream sauce (pic included below) which was liberally laced with a semi-sweet whiskey (maybe Jack Daniels?). The bread pudding is dense but soft and moist enough to be broken up easily with a fork. The serving was generous and unless you’re having nothing but dessert, you will be taking leftovers of this delicacy home with you. I paired mine with a Macallan 12 year and my dining companion went with a cocktail. Either way, we were happy with our choices and hey, after finishing a bottle of wine, who could blame us? 😉

Everyone, from the hostess to the wait staff and busboys were wonderful hosts, very friendly and courteous. I felt like a valued patron and despite the fine dining atmosphere, the environment felt “warm” and welcome. I would rate this restaurant’s service higher than any other restaurant I’ve dined in recently, with the one exception to the excellent service being the head bartender, which is a good segway into the bad…

The Bad:

The head bartender at the bar which is on the first floor. He made several “off-color” quips and jokes which made me uncomfortable and for a few minutes, ruined the experience. However, I think with our refusal to be baited into an awkward conversation, he realized his mistake when he did not receive laughs for any of his so-called jokes and tried to make up for it by being more of a bartender and just sticking to conversations about booze. After all, that’s all I want – a knowledgeable bartender and someone without a chip on their shoulder.
The Ugly:

Nothing ugly to report here, so yay!

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