The Aces – Chaper 1

Posted: February 20, 2013 in The Aces 
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The AcesCarey looked at himself in the mirror and said, “What are you bloody doing?”

Carey was in the bathroom with no one else. He checked all the stalls in a frantic search and even placed the stopper against the door to lock it. He needed to be alone, not because he thought he should be alone due to his status, but because he was worried. Terrified was more like it. He needed to think about some answers to the questions.

The creamy white tiled spotless bathroom looked like a normal public men’s bathroom with stalls, urinals, toilet sinks, towel holders, and soap dispensers. To Carey though, this room was his jail cell and the noises outside were people from the jury box accusing him of a crime. Until he got confirmation the interview went well, he could feel release.

Carey walked over to the sink and splashed water on his face. He grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser and dried his face, wiping off the make-up. He stared in the mirror again and tried to relive the interview he had on the Joan Show. The Joan Show was one of the top rating talk shows in America. Carey felt honored to be interviewed by the host, but he didn’t know if the interview went well. He didn’t get the call yet.

This good-looking actor was thin and tall with light brown eyes that sparkled, and black short wavy hair. Today he was dressed to impress in a gray suit with a button down black shirt, and his black slip on dress shoes. He tried to portray himself as a young Englishman, but inside he had to portray himself as a sexy male star, like a supermodel.

When Carey gave the interview on the Joan Show, he talked about how his mother was and still is a maid for the Welch family. His mother also worked as a maid for the Queen of England, who was a friend of the Welch family, only on special holidays. His mother raised his older sister, Kimberly, and his youngest sister, Missy. They all lived in a block of flats in a poor part of England. Carey’s father died of lung cancer from smoking and working in a steel mill, when he was a child. Although they were born poor in a one-bathroom flat with chipped plates and cups and rats for pets, he attended Oxford University and studied the Arts of Acting and Painting. In his last semester, Carey was in the sold out rendition of Macbeth. After the play, Carey met Sir Isaac, who was going to be cast in the movie Files. Sir Isaac, who was the most dignified Englishman with crow’s feet around his eyes, gave the director of Files Carey’s portfolio. The movie Files made the cast stars in their own right. After the movie Files, Carey starred in five other movies. Carey was living his dream. It allowed him to pay the monthly rent for Kimberly’s flat in London and to send her to Oxford to major in languages, and he was able to buy his mother a house in Portsmouth.

When he was filming The Ship with Peter Right, they developed a close relationship, like brothers. After the release of The Ship, Carey enjoyed talking about how much he and Peter got along. On the Joan Show, he mentioned how much he enjoyed spending time with Peter and his family in France for an American Thanksgiving dinner.

On the many interviews Carey has given, the producer of the show would ask his permission before an outrageous question was asked. This time it didn’t happen. He didn’t know who leaked this rumor out or why, but he had to make sure it remained false.

Carey paced the bathroom, back and forth, back and forth. He was mumbling incoherently. His nerves were on edge and he wanted to scream out to relieve the mental anguish that overwhelmed him.

Carey felt the side of his chest vibrate and he pulled out his cell phone. When he listened to the voice on the other end, he felt more relaxed and at ease; he felt like a heavy weight was lifted from his body and mind.

“Arthur, did I do well?” Carey asked.

“Yes, you did,” Arthur said calmly.

“I was so nervous on the stage, but I tried to remain calm. Thank you for your help.”

“That’s what I’m here for,” Arthur said.

“By the way, how did I do with squashing the rumor?”

“You did well.”

“Good. I am so relieved. You are the best. I mean it. I have to go home to see Mum, but next month I will be in town. I can meet you for drinks.”

“Sounds good,” Arthur said.


Carey took a deep breath and felt as light as a feather. He was still in the spotlight and squashed the bloody rumor that could have ruined his charming power over the women and girls, and his family life. He closed the phone and put it back in his inner jacket pocket. He washed the sweat from his face without looking at himself in the mirror.

The Hollywood sign reminded Carey that he was an international star and he had to keep himself in the media spotlight and on the A-list with all the rest of stars. He dreamt of this lifestyle from childhood, but he didn’t realize it came with a price.

More to come next Monday! Stay tuned…

Aliya Leigh

About Aliya Leigh:

Since being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.


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