The Aces – Chapter 1 continued

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The Aces

In Beverly Hills, Carey stayed at the same hotel, called European. The hotel reminds him of Europe, his home continent. Each floor of the hotel represents a European country with that country’s décor in the hallways and in the rooms. The common suites came with a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. The upscale suites came with a study, kitchen, a bathroom with a step-in whirlpool tub, and separate two-seat shower enclosed in glass.

Carey’s upscale hotel room walls were painted with a bone color with swirls of dark and light brown paint. The carpet looked like pure white snow. The vertical white blinds closed, but little streams of sunlight shone through the slats.

Carey was asleep in his California king-sized bed.  The covers exposed his smooth beautiful chest, but covered his lower nude body. His body was energizing itself for the next day of life’s drama in the spotlight.

The phone rang twice and Carey moved his head back and forth on the pillow in slow motion. The phone continued to ring, as he opened his eyes. He sat up in slow motion and placed his hands on the bed behind his back.

Carey stared at the phone and picked up the receiver. “Hello?” Carey asked sleepily.

“Are you awake?” a man asked on the other line.

“I’m getting up. Wait one moment, Arthur,” Carey said.

Carey sat up all the way in the bed. The sheets were still covering his lower body. He had the phone up to his ear and rubbed his face. He was thinking he overslept and was late for his tea appointment with Arthur. He couldn’t miss this appointment; it was important that they discussed the plans about his career in the future. In the acting industry, the future meant two weeks down the road. As any celebrity knows, things can change in the blink of an eye. In Carey’s case, he couldn’t afford things in his life to change. He used Arthur’s eyes and ears to make sure his lifestyle was stable and rumors didn’t get out of hand.

“I am back. I agreed to meet you for eleven. What time is it?” Carey asked.

“Nine in the morning. Are you up?” Arthur asked Carey again.

“Why are you calling me so early in the morning? What is wrong?”

“I saw Peter Right on the Joan Show yesterday,” Arthur said cheerfully.

“Peter? What about Peter?”

“He talked about you. He told the audience that you’re a nice, funny guy, who played and read to his children. He talked about the Thanksgiving dinner in France,” Arthur said.

“He fancies me. The media will think I am a nice, funny, young guy. His children call me uncle. He is a true friend,” Carey said with smile on his face. Then the smile faded and he stared at the wall in front of him.

As Arthur talked to him about another incident, his face changed and his eyebrows met in the middle and he stopped swinging his leg.

“What happened? What are you talking about? We had an agreement. I cannot believe this. She did not,” Carey said.

Carey rubbed his face and then rubbed his eyes. He jumped out of the bed with his nude body now exposed. The lower part of his body was the envy of all men and a beautiful picture for women. His legs were long and powerful, but smooth. His feet were polished and his toes were well groomed.

“I am out of the bed. Let me take a shower and put some clothes on. We need to talk about damage control. Arthur, I cannot afford this to leak out. I do not have a back-up plan. I cannot believe this happened. I should have made up a contract,” Carey continued.

“Carey, remember, I told you,” Arthur said accusingly.

“Yes, you were right, but it is too late now. Were there pictures?”

“Well…” Arthur said, trailing on the word.

“Sorry to cut you off, but I need to take a shower. I need to think. Talk to you later.”

Carey hung up the phone and walked over to the bathroom. He stared hard at himself in the mirror. “Why is your life complicated? Why do you have to have damage control plans?”

Carey turned on the water for his shower. He stepped in the tub and let the water dance over his nude body. After showering, he walked into the bedroom and put on his jeans and shirt.

“I hate my bloody life,” he said to himself, as he headed out the door.

Carey took the elevator to the lobby of the hotel and then walked outside to get into his rented black convertible. He face looked aged and beaten. He stared at the road deep in thought. At one stoplight, he was looking at the floor on the passenger side while a group of girls in a car next to him recognized him. They were honking the horn and yelling out his name, but he couldn’t hear them because he was focused on his thoughts. He didn’t realize the light turned green until a person behind him gave him a loud honk with their horn.

Carey drove to The Blue Tea Restaurant. This dinky restaurant was famous for having the A-list stars and the backend people of the entertainment industry eat and conduct business there. In the industry, it known as The Hide Away.

Carey parked his car in the lot without thinking about it. He was acting like a robot with no real sense of what was going on. He had too much on his mind. Today could be the day that he would no longer be a star-studded actor.

Carey walked to the front door of the restaurant, with his mind on his thoughts, but when he approached an older couple, he was aware of his surroundings and said to them, “Sir, madam, may I?”

Carey opened the door for them. When the couple walked into the restaurant, Carey walked through right behind them.

“You’re a kind man. Thank you,” the older woman said to him.

“You are welcome, madam.”

Carey walked over to the hostess desk and saw a young woman with long black hair and a round face. She had on a blue T-shirt and matching skirt.

“Good day, miss. How are you? I’m meeting Arthur Sterling here.”

The hostess looked at her sheet and then looked at Carey with her mouth wide open. The image of a good-looking star was in front of her. She knew he was just a man, but it was Carey Roland, the movie star. On the silver screen he looked amazing. In person, she saw him as an angel who could do no wrong. She was like a kid in a candy store.

“Oh, yes. He’s outside waiting for you. You can go through those doors,” she said to Carey after taking a deep breath.

“Thank you, miss. You are so kind,” Carey said with a sparkle in his eyes.

“I don’t want to bother you, but can you sign my autograph book?” the hostess asked, as she pulled out a small book filled with actors and actress’ signatures. She was popular in her school because of the autographs. Now if she got Carey Roland’s autograph, she would be on the A-list in her high school.

“Of course, what is your name?”

“Tammy. Tammy Jones,” she said nervously.

Carey signed his name in Tammy’s autograph book.

“Thank you, Mr. Roland.”

“No, thank you,” Carey said.

Carey walked through a sliding door and saw a middle-aged, good-looking man with a short beard and a thin mustache. He had short blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He showed some female mannerisms while he was eating his food. Carey didn’t notice; he was focused again on the situation at hand. Maybe today would be the last day he would sign his autograph for anyone.

“Arthur, tell me everything,” Carey said impatiently, sitting down across from Arthur.

A waiter walked up to him and asked, “Would you like anything, sir?”

“I would like some herbal tea, please,” he said to the waiter.

He was surprised the waiter wasn’t fumbling around to serve him like others did. It was like the waiter didn’t know who Carey was; he was there to do a job.

“What kind?” the waiter asked.

“Green tea with lemon, please,” Carey said.

“Okay, be right back,” the waiter said and walked away from the table.

Arthur put his fork down. He wiped his mouth gently with his white cloth napkin like a proper Englishwoman.

“Well, she was at a club in downtown New York that used to be called the Lime Light. She was there with a man.  She was dancing with him provocatively. She got drunk and…” Arthur wriggled his eyebrows.

“Did she cause a scene?”

Carey studied his face to see if Arthur was telling the truth. He knew Arthur would never lie to him, but at that moment, his mind was in a state of confusion and he didn’t how to decipher the truth from the falsities.

“In a way she did and in a way she didn’t.”

Carey pounded the table with his fist and Arthur’s glass of water and silverware jumped. He needed a straight answer. His career and family life was in the balance. He needed to prepare himself for what he had to face in the spotlight.

“What? Which bloody one is it?” Carey asked.

Arthur leaned over to Carey and stared at him hard.  “Lower your voice. She made out with him in front of everyone.”

Carey leaned over to Arthur and asked, “With whom?”

“Raphael. Her boyfriend.”

“What? Bloody Hell. We had a Bloody deal! Shit!,” Carey said.

Come back on Wednesday to find out more! 
Aliya Leigh

About Aliya Leigh:

Since being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.


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