The Aces – Chapter 2 continues…

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The AcesCarey smiled at her. He had to say yes, but in his heart, he knew that he should say no. Before he became an A-list actor, his life was free. He could go anywhere without a mob following him. He was able to keep his private life off of the papers in England and America. Now he couldn’t trust some people even if they were mega stars like him. He felt trapped in a role he didn’t want to play.

“I want to be on top, too. I’m striving for that, but I’m scared. You know, like the guys with the cameras and the false stories about the person. Since I have you here, are some of the stories in the tabloids true?” Gigi pressed.

“Some tales, I know personally, are true, some are false. If the tabs write an article about a friend of mine, which I know is false, I laugh about it. Some actors, as I understand, make up drama to get into the tabs,” Carey said.

“I thought so,” Gigi replied.

“Why read the tabs?” Carey asked.

“When I’m standing in line at the market, I glance at them and read the front cover. This may sound strange, but it seems like all the major actors and actresses are swapping their husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends with one another.”

Carey laughed. In his mind, she was right. It seemed that way, but it could all be a lie, like the lie of his relationship with Sandra.

“How’s Sandra?” Gigi asked.

“She is fine.”

“Will she be in any movies soon?”

“Yes. Her agent gave her a script three weeks ago,” Carey said.

“That’s good. She’s a good actress.”

“Thanks. I will tell her,” Carey said to Gigi after he put his fork down on the plate. “Do you have a partner?” Carey asked.

“What do you mean? I’m not gay,” Gigi frowned.

“In England, we say partner instead of girlfriend or boyfriend.”

“Oh. Yeah, I did, but we broke up.”

“You two broke up, why?” Carey asked.

“He’s bipolar. I couldn’t take his attitude and constant mood swings anymore,” Gigi said.

“Bipolar. How long did you date him?” Carey asked.

“Six years. We were going to get married. I moved from Phoenix to Tucson so he can’t find me.”

“Are you finished?” she asked in the same breath as she looked at his plate.

“Yes,” Carey said.

Gigi raised her finger to get the attention from the waitress. The waitress looked at the Gigi curiously and then thought about who she was.

“Was everything okay?” Lynn asked.

“Yes,” Gigi said.

“Good. Are you an entertainer or celebrity?” Lynn asked Gigi.

“No, but I’m trying to become an actress.”

“No. You’re somebody,” Lynn pressed.

“I don’t think so, but thanks anyway.”

“No. Thank you. Can you sign your name here anyway?  When you become famous, I can say I have her autograph.”

Gigi looked at Carey and laughed. Carey stared at Gigi; he knew something was not right. He had a feeling that Gigi was hiding something from him and he wanted to know what it was. Carey saw Gigi sign her name on a piece of paper and give Lynn a hug.

“Thank you and here’s your bill.”

Lynn put the bill on the table and Carey picked it up.  He looked at Gigi. “Who are you?”

Gigi smiled at him and then rolled her eyes. “What? Who am I? What are you talking about?”

“The waitress recognized you, not me,” Carey said.

“So now you’re jealous? I’m a nobody. I didn’t introduce you because of Sandra. I don’t want your girlfriend to think you’re cheating on her. You know the tabloid can blow things out of proportion,” Gigi said.

“I understand, but she thought you looked like someone.”

“Listen, I don’t know, but I signed my first autograph and I’m not even in a movie yet.”

“Get used to it,” Carey said.

Carey put his credit card in the folder and waited for the waitress.

As he stared at the mysterious person across from him, he realized that this was not a normal situation. In a normal situation, she would try to take advantage of this dinner. She would make sure that everyone in the restaurant knew she was with him and wouldn’t care about Sandra’s feelings, but this wasn’t normal. He was having dinner with a regular person who didn’t want anything from him.

After Carey signed the bill, Carey asked, “Shall we go?”

The two walked out of the restaurant together talking and laughing. The air was crisp and fresh with a hint of romance. The sidewalk had clusters of people who were looking around at the scenery of the rich and famous. Gigi and Carey found themselves in their own world walking to her hotel like they were best friends.

Carey already knew he would not be able to learn her accent in time for tomorrow’s auditions. After dinner and talking to this mysterious girl, he was more interested in her instead of her accent. He knew that he still needed to find a black girl who was famous and that the public loved. Gigi wasn’t at that stature yet. She had a bad attitude, a smart mouth, and was rude, but she acted real and wasn’t a fake. He couldn’t help her in the industry, but he did want to be her friend.

In front of Gigi’s hotel, they shook hands and Gigi said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good. After the auditions, maybe we can go sightseeing,” Carey suggested.

“What about Sandra?”

“I shall call her tonight and tell her everything about you. I believe she shall fancy you. You two act almost alike.”

“Okay. I would like to meet her. Well, see you tomorrow,” Gigi said and waved good-bye. She entered the hotel without looking back while Carey stood around outside until he was sure she was safely inside.

Carey walked over to the same restaurant where he met Gigi. Outside the restaurant he called Peter on his cell phone. He paced up and down the little area.

“Hello, Peter. Are you up?” Carey asked.

“Is everything fine? Did she hurt you? I’ve been waiting for your call,” Peter said.

“No. No. She is fine. She is auditioning for the same movie. Peter, I am confused. I need to talk to you in person. Can you meet me at the restaurant?”

“Will do,” Peter said.

“I shall look for you.”

Carey went into the restaurant and ordered a glass of water with a slice of lemon. He looked around the restaurant and studied the people sitting, but with short glances. Thirty minutes later, Peter showed up and sat next to Carey with concern written on his face. Peter was wearing the same clothes he had on earlier in the day, but he looked disheveled. The scab on his arm looked like it was picked off, and now was caked with blood.

“So, what happened?” Peter asked.

“She is a nice girl named Gigi.”

“So…” Peter urged.

“I think I fancy her.”

“Okay. So Carey, give me a clue. Why are you confused?” Peter asked.


Carey leaned closer to Peter and whispered his dark secret.

Peter stared at Carey, as if he was looking inside his soul. “What? I defended you. You could have told me the truth, we’re friends,” Peter said.

“Yes, but I don’t know myself anymore. At first, I thought I was, but now I don’t know. I am confused, Peter.”

“And Sandra? Does she know? How were you able the hide it from her?” Peter asked.

“Fake relationship. I needed her for show, as she needed me. Arthur told me I needed a girlfriend and I picked her,” Carey said.

“I would be careful around Arthur if I were you. Who is he, anyway?” Peter asked.

“A friend.”

“Is he more than a friend? Tell me the truth.”

“Right, a friend.”

“I heard the rumor about your lifestyle and I defended you. I told people you and Sandra are in love and you were planning to marry her one day,” Peter said.

“I am sorry I lied,” Carey said.

“We’re friends. Good friends. I would accept you even if you were a cross dresser. You’re my best friend. I would never turn my back away from you,” Peter said seriously.


Peter ordered a glass of water from the man behind the bar. Carey fixed his eyes on Peter’s cut again. He saw it was bleeding a little, but nothing to get worried about.

“So, do you like this girl or do you wish she was a man?” Peter asked.

“I fancy her a lot. It seems that we have chemistry, but she is not telling me the whole truth about her life.  I don’t know who she really is.”

“Do you think she’s a reporter?” Peter asked.

“No, she does not seem the type.”

“I would do some research on her before I talk to her again,” Peter said.

“Research on her? Where?”

“On the Internet. You can find the latest gossip on anyone. Your name is mentioned on a couple of websites.

“Is there anything about you on the Net?”

“Yes. They say I’m into drugs, sex, rock and roll, that sort of thing, which was true in my previous life. Now I’m born again,” Peter said.

“I am sorry I did not tell you.”

“I forgive you, but you need to have a damage control plan about the break-up between you and Sandra,” Peter said.


“You better because I defended you,” Peter said.

“I better go. I have the audition tomorrow. I will see Gigi there.”

“You need to do some research on her. By the way, I see you didn’t learn the New York accent,” Peter observed.

“Nope. I hope to get the part anyway,” Carey said.

“You need to pray first.”

Carey walked out of the restaurant with some calmness in his mind. He told his best friend his secret. Now Arthur, Sandra, and Peter knew of his damaging secret that could cause him to have problems in his personal life and in the spotlight. He had to call Arthur. “Hello, Arthur?”

“Hello, Carey. Why are you in a cheerful mood?” Arthur asked.

“I met a girl. A black girl,” Carey said with a smile.

“Who is she? An actress or musician? Do I know her?”

“Nope. She is a nobody, but I fancy her,” Carey said.

“You have to think about your career. Are you sure about this?” Arthur asked.

“Yes. I know it is strange that I actually fancy a girl. A girl who is new to the acting world and is rude, but there is something she is not showing. She intrigues me,” Carey explained.

“What do you mean?” Arthur asked.

“She is auditioning for the same movie I am auditioning for, but she does not want me to know her agent’s name.”

“What is her name?”


“Carey, what is her last name?” Arthur asked.

“I don’t know what her last name is.”

“Carey, this is your career we’re talking about. You need to know her full name. You can’t trust just anyone.”

“I am sorry.”

“Carey, you have to be careful. Do you think she’s a reporter? Arthur asked.

“I do not think so. Peter asked me the same question.  He told me to do research on her.”

“He’s right. She can damage your career, you know.”

“By the way, Peter knows about me. I told him.”

“Can you trust him?”

“He’s my best friend,” Carey said.

“If you trust him, I’m fine with your decision.”

“Right. Cheers.”


Carey strolled to his hotel with a lack of energy. When he got into his room, he took everything off and threw his clothes on the floor. He walked into the bathroom and looked at his nude body in the mirror.

He saw a hair growing out of his chest. He got his tweezers and plucked the hair out. He looked in the mirror, ashamed of his face. “I need this part.”

The man in the mirror looked at him and Carey quickly turned his face away. He took a shower and went to bed.

The next morning Carey woke up and looked through his clothes to see what he would wear for the audition. Although he was a big star, he knew he had to dress perfectly.

“Shall I wear my knickers? I need this part and I cannot speak with a New York accent. I may have to do it. I hate to repeat my bloody mistakes,” Carey said to himself.

Carey put on his pants without underwear, got a condom from his drawer, and put on his tight-fitted white T-shirt. He grabbed the script and walked out of the hotel room.

Carey walked into the studio like a megastar knowing the casting agent was going to pick him for the lead.

“Where are they auditioning for New York Minute?”  Carey asked a young girl.

“Over there,” she pointed. “The casting director wants everyone auditioning to enter the auditioning room. Just find an empty seat. I know they’re going to pick you. I think they just want to go through the formalities. Those nobody’s in there don’t have a chance next to you.”


Carey walked over to the room and opened the door.  There were people sitting in the room. On one side, there were black thin women with black hair, and on the other side there were white men with black hair and fitted tees.  Carey sat with the men.

“Are you Carey Roland?” a man sitting next to him asked.


“Why are you here? You’re probably going to get the part, so I should leave now for my other audition,” the guy said, getting depressed.

“I do not know if I am going to get the part. I have to audition like anyone else. Some directors do not care if you are big or not. Break a leg.”

“Wow, you’re nice. I hope one day we can work together,” the man said.

“That will be exciting,” Carey said with a lack of excitement. He was nervous because now other people knew that he was auditioning for the lead. If he didn’t get the part, his career would be damaged.

Carey looked around the plain white room with green cloth chairs. In the room, there was a section for the men and another section for the women. To him, this wasn’t a normal audition. Usually, a person waits outside the auditing room and when their name is called then they enter the room. He felt uneasy, but he needed the part. He saw a long table with four chairs behind it. Three people – two men and one woman – walked into the room with papers, folders, and pads in their hands, and sat down. Carey knew of the man, John Butler, a director. He had short black hair and a loose gray T-shirt with blue jeans. The other man was wearing glasses and a light sweater with jeans. The man looked young with his blonde hair, blue eyes, and California smile. Carey looked at him and remembered he had a condom. The woman looked like she came out of a mother-type fashion magazine. Her blonde hair was pinned up in a bun.

The three people talked amongst themselves and the woman looked irritated and rolled her eyes more than once. Carey continued to look for Gigi in the women’s section, but she still wasn’t there. He sat causally in his chair, feeling the need to act like he wasn’t nervous.

Five minutes later, the door to the room opened and a black girl walked in. Carey looked up at attention and smiled. The black girl had on a blue, tight-fitted, long shirt with faded black jeans and sandals. Carey stared at her to try to get her attention, but she walked over to the people sitting at the table. She bent over to them and looked like she was apologizing to them. Carey looked at the drama in front of him and didn’t understand what was unfolding before his eyes.

Finally directing her attention to the people auditioning, the girl said, “Hello, everyone. How are you today? My name is Gigi Meekins. I am the screenwriter of the movie and the author of the book called, New York Minute. The story takes place in present day New York City. It is about a man who is an accountant and a womanizer. He meets a black woman and falls in love with her. After they make love, she leaves him and he doesn’t know why. I am just going to leave the story at that point.”

Carey’s jaw dropped to the ground. He stared at Gigi not comprehending it was really her. He sat back in his chair fully attentive and thought about the situation in front of him. He knew there was something about her and now the mystery was revealed.

Stay tuned as always for Wednesday’s update!

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