The Aces – Chapter 3 Begins…

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 The Aces

Okay. Stop licking my face, Sheba,” Gigi said. “I’m up, I’m up.”

Gigi was lying on her futon in her study, which turned into a guest room when her family or friends came to visit. The room was small, but designed to look large. Across the floor from the futon was her computer desk, with her computer, CDs, DVDs, printer, and books placed inside the cabinets. Her two flat screen nineteen-inch monitors were mounted on the wall and next to the monitors was a twenty-five-inch flat screen TV. On the wall next to the head of the futon was a bay window showing the view of the sun smiling on the mountains that told stories of time and history. The room had a western theme to it and Gigi loved it. Indian red, corn yellow, cactus green, mountain brown, and bone white made up the color scheme. This room made her mind open up and write. She wrote four best-selling novels and the one screenplay in this room.

Gigi was trying to get back to sleep, but with her cat screaming in her ear and walking on top of her, she sat up on the futon. Her body was drained because of the auditions, the confrontation with Carey, the plane ride back to Arizona, and starting to write a new book on her computer. She didn’t want to get up because she knew what to expect of this day with faxes, computer work, paperwork, writing, phone calls, yelling, and stress. It was all in a hard day’s work at a bank. Gigi hated her job, but loved it too. She enjoyed some of the people she worked with and some she dreaded. Every night when she left work, she knew she did her best on the job.

“No. Not now. No,” Gigi said, as her cell phone rang with her editor’s special ring tone.

Gigi slapped her face with both hands and wrapped her hands around her throat to try to choke herself. She hated to be late with her assignments. She was supposed to complete her section of the project before leaving for California, but because of the excitement of the movie, she forgot.

“Hello,” Gigi said when she unfolded her cell phone.

“Gigi, if you want me to do my job on time, I need those chapters,” the editor said right away.

“Amanda, I’m sorry. I’ll give you the chapters tonight. I’m not going to ask you again,” Gigi said.

“Please don’t. Why would I edit your stories if I thought they were a waste of my time? You know I do have other clients. You have real talent,” Amanda said.

“I know. But I don’t believe that my life is real. I think I’m still living in a dream world,” Gigi said.


“I can’t quit.”

“I don’t understand you. I know you make enough money to quit the bank. Remember, you pay me. Gigi, you’re burning the candle at both ends. I don’t know how you do it,” Amanda admitted.

“I know. Well, I better go. Okay, Amanda. Bye.”

Gigi hung up the phone lay down. Sheba jumped on Gigi and kissed her nose with her tongue. Gigi looked up at the ceiling and saw a vision of her future in the writing world. She saw herself in a brown sheer evening gown with lacy sheer drapes around her shoulders. She was sitting at a table with her best friend, Adam, and all the top writers in the United States. She was talking and asking questions and they were listening and answering her questions. She was in awe about being in the company of people who respected the craft. Adam smiled at her and showed her approval with his crystal blue eyes, something she longed from him from the time they met. She envisioned herself dancing with him in a ballroom setting. She knew other people were on the dance floor, but she felt alone with Adam.

Adam said, “You did well. You’re one of the best. The other writers respect you.”

Gigi smiled and gave him a kiss on his thin, pink, smooth lips; she was in true ecstasy. She saw herself dancing the night away with the soothing music in her ears and a tall handsome man holding her tightly, eagerly wanting to take her to bed. Gigi was smiling at the ceiling with her eyes open, but instead she had to pick up the phone, “Hello?”

“The editor likes the manuscript. She wants to give you a deal. I’ll mail out the paperwork to you,” the voice on the other line said.

“Really, that’s good news. You’re the best, Robin,” Gigi said to her agent.

“You sound tired. How was California? Did you meet any stars?”

“I met Carey Roland and Peter Right. They’re really nice. California is still the land of Fruits and Nuts,” Gigi said and laughed.

“I believe it. If an actor from a foreign country can be a governor, you know the state is weird. You need to quit your job. You know you can, I know how much you make,” Robin said.

“I can’t quit.”

“I’m tired of fighting with you. You’re going to work yourself to death. Do you have my packet?” Robin asked.

“I can give you the synopsis next week, not this week.  I have tons of homework to finish up. I must keep my four point oh GPA.”

“Take it easy,” Robin said.

“Okay, I will. Thanks,” Gigi said.

Gigi folded her cell phone and looked at the ceiling again. She closed her eyes to return back to her vision, but her alarm clock in her second floor bedroom went off.  She jumped off the futon and ran to her bedroom to turn off the alarm. She collapsed on the bed and looked at the time.

“I have to go to work. I must pay my employees. I have to pay bills. I have to feed my cat,” Gigi said to herself aloud.

Every morning she said the speech to energize her to take a shower, put on clothes, and go to work. She jumped off the bed and walked to the bathroom.

She turned on the water for her shower and walked back to her bedroom. The phone rang again and she walked to her sanctuary to get it with a smile.

“Hello, Adam,” Gigi said.

“How do you know it’s me?” Adam asked.

“I have a different ring tone for you when you call.”

“You’re something. How was California?”

“California was great. I met Carey Roland. I had to tell him off, too.”

“What? You need to stop telling people off. You already have a bad rep. What was it this time?”

“I told him he couldn’t be in my movie,” Gigi said.

“What? Okay, I understand now. He doesn’t speak with a New York accent, but you shouldn’t have told him off. You need to work on your direct communication. It can save your future career. Remember, Gigi, you need contacts,” Adam scolded.

“Yes, old wise one,” Gigi said sarcastically.

“Your dad is right, you are a wise guy,” Adam said.

“Only to you. Carey is a nice guy. I didn’t go on a date-date with him, but we spent some time together. I learned a lot about him, which I wanted to do in the first place. My goal is to understand the person on the sliver screen, instead of the person they try to portray.”

“I’m happy for you. Do you like him?”

“No. He’s too skinny and besides, he’s English. I need an Arizona cowboy,” Gigi said.

Looking at the time, “Adam, I have to go, okay? I will speak to you soon,” Gigi said.

Gigi folded her phone next to her heart. She tried to soak up the conversation she had with Adam, the love of her life. She thought about their wedding day every night, but she knew he would never marry her because she had a college degree, a career in computers, now a writing career, and money. He felt little next to her, but she made sure she acted stupid around him, so he was labeled the hero in their friendship. Adam worked odd jobs and was waiting for his big break in life. He worked as a roofer, cab driver, house cleaner, pool cleaner, and anything else to make ends meet. If she compared going out with Adam or Carey – if Carey would date her – she would marry Adam because he was her best friend and something real to her.

Adam had helped Gigi in so many ways. When she moved to Arizona, his family helped her get around town. When she wanted to party, Adam invited her to them. When her boyfriend appeared from his disappearing act, Adam encouraged her to forgive him. When he disappeared again, Adam soaked up her tears. Adam told her to move away from Phoenix, so her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t find her. Gigi owed everything she accomplished in Arizona to him, but he didn’t feel the same way about her, which made her depressed.

Gigi looked at the clock on her phone. She jumped off the futon and into the shower, almost with her clothes on.  She washed her hair and body in five minutes, dried off with a towel, jumped into her clothes, and ran out of her bedroom. She grabbed her cell phone, just in case someone important was going to call her during her work hours. She grabbed her pocketbook and schoolbag and flew downstairs.

“I can’t be late. I can’t be late,” Gigi said to herself when she locked the door. She hopped in her truck and drove off to work.

Gigi entered the bank through the employee door and was welcomed by some of her co-workers, who wanted to know who she met in California. She said her little greetings to them and ran to her desk to clock in and then sank down in her chair. After she clocked in her time at her computer, she sank down in her chair.

Gigi wished she could quit and never come back, but when Todd walked over to her, she knew she was officially home. He was the Administrative Assistant for the department.

Todd was an older man of sixty, but looked like he was forty-five, in good physical condition, had a head full of thick brown hair, still had luster in his big brown eyes, and still went to the tanning salon because he didn’t like his pale white skin. He always tells everyone, “Without a tan, I look dead.”

“Good morning, Gigi. Can I give you the rundown?”  Todd asked.

Gigi turned her head toward him and looked in his face. She had always thought of him as a grandfather figure. She listened to his pearls of wisdom intensely, which helped her out in her stressful life. She was happy he came to work at her department; he brought rays of sunshine to the dreaded workday.

“Do you have to?” Gigi asked.

“I believe so,” Todd said.

“Okay, but I was hoping I didn’t have to work today.”

“Don’t we all,” Todd said.

Todd looked at his notebook and recited everything he had written down.

“Okay. Carolyn called about a person’s account, which had two loans on it. Cindy called about Online Banking.  Harry called about setting up the new ATM. Stan wants you to create a new loan package for his department. Can you talk to Alfie about a loan he’s trying to book? And you need to write the documentation for setting up the new ATM,” Todd finished.

Gigi took a deep breath and shook her head. “That’s it?”

“Yep, that’s about it. I’ll leave this with you.” Todd ripped the page out of his notebook and handed it to Gigi.

Gigi started working on her daily tasks as well as the tasks Todd told her about. In the morning, it was usual for the cubical group not to talk to each other until lunchtime, unless it was important. The group worked on their own projects to make the department a success.

Gigi’s co-workers didn’t talk about her writing career unless she brought it up, and then they asked the questions about her books, other authors’ books, and her movies. She enjoyed talking to them and she got their input, which she appreciated in a big way. She thought of them as her first fan club and gave them copies of the book before she signed a contract and got it published.

Gigi looked at the time. It was 12:30.    Gigi went outside with her Mountain Dew bottle and warmed up in the hot sun. She sat down at one of the tables next to Jeremy, her devoted fan.

Jeremy was a dark-skinned, middle-aged man who thought he was a teenager. He wore thin glasses with dark frames. Every day, he wore a suit with a matching bowtie and his black lace up shoes.

Jeremy said, “You need to quit.”

Gigi looked at him with a smile on her face because she knew he was right. She had tripled her income, paid off her truck, paid off all her credit cards, and the only bill she had was her mortgage. She had thought about quitting her job at the bank, but she felt that she should always have another source of income.

“I can’t,” Gigi said.

Jeremy looked directly in her eyes and said, “Why not? You wrote four best-selling books; one book was turned into a movie and the other one is scheduled to start shooting. I know you don’t need this job.”

“I do. This job is paying for my education,” Gigi protested.

“That’s a lot of bull. Gigi, you’re a great writer.  People love you. You’re popular.”

More to come on Wednesday!

About Aliya Leigh:

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.


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