The Aces by Aliya Leigh – chapter 3 continues…

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The AcesNo, I’m not.”
“Okay. When a customer sees you walking around, they want your autograph. Why do you think we get more business at this branch than the others?”
“Please stop it. By the way, I have a chapter for you.”
Gigi gave him a group of typed up papers. Jeremy

started to scan the papers right away. When he finished, he looked at Gigi.
“This looks good. I can’t wait to read it tonight.”
“I can’t believe you like reading my crap. It’s pure crap. I suck at this writing gig. I don’t know why I put myself through stress over this.”
Jeremy narrowed his eyes and looked at Gigi with a serious look. “It’s not crap, it’s art. Why do you think people are willing to pay fifteen dollars for your book?” Jeremy asked.
“They’re trying to kiss my butt.”
“No, because you’re good.”
He asked, “What are you doing tonight?”
“Math class.”
“You’re going to class tonight after coming home from California?” Jeremy asked.
“Yes because I want to become insane.”
“You’re crazy.”
“That’s my goal in life. When I’m talking to my hand and my hand answers back, I would have completed my mission.”
“You’re crazy,” Jeremy said again.
Jeremy looked at his watch and said, “Lunch time is officially over.”
“No,” Gigi whined.
“You need to quit.”
“I can’t,” Gigi said.
Before the workday was over, Amy and Timothy asked Gigi about her trip to California. They laughed and were in shock about how Gigi spoke to Carey Roland.
“You like him,” Amy teased.
“You know I like Adam,” Gigi said.
“When will you and Adam start dating?” Amy asked.
“I don’t know, but I love him.”
“Leave him alone. By the way, missy, did you get his autograph or Peter Right’s?”
“No. I had to look cool and calm. But Peter Right still looks young. He has to be around forty-five years old. He looks like a high school student,” Gigi gushed.
“Do you think he had surgery?” Timothy asked.
“I don’t know. He still has his tattoos on his arms,” Gigi said.
“Do you think he’ll become his crazy self again?” Amy asked.
“I don’t think the entertainment world can pressure him again.”
“You’re right. I mean, he’s older with a wife and kids. I know in my case, kids help you to grow up. My wife keeps me sane every night. He may feel the same way. These celebrities are humans not superheroes,” Timothy said.
“Timothy, look at Lee Smithy. He has a wife and six kids. The cops arrested him for dope,” Amy said.
“He’s a nut to begin with; think about it, he thinks he’s half-alien and he talks in the planet Mars language.  Remember how he told NASA he was proud his new planet was exploring his old planet? Remember he won the Emmy and thanked his parents, who were living on Mars? The man is crazy. The government should have fixed him a long time ago,” Gigi said.
“Will you guys talk about me when I’m famous?” Gigi asked.
“What are you talking about, you are famous. My wife bought your new book yesterday. She wants you to sign it,” Timothy said.
“Good. But I’m not on the A-list yet,” Gigi said.
“That’s good. That means you don’t have any problems or skeletons in your closet. You don’t want to be on the A-list. If you’re on the A-list people ple will stalk you and talk about you.”
“Timothy is right. Look at all the celebrities we talk about. This one’s insane, that one’s taking drugs, they’re dirty, or touching little kids, or advertising their sex parties, or worse,” Amy said.
“You’re right, but I would still like to be on the A-list,” Gigi argued.
“Look at Carey Roland and Peter Right. Carey Roland was in Young Boys. He must have had to do something major to get the part. How can a father, mother, two sisters, and two brothers have an American accent, and one of your sons have an English accent? If I could see that, why didn’t the casting crew? You have a family of seven and one of the family members has an English accent,” Amy exclaimed.
“That’s the main reason he’s not in the movie. He doesn’t have a New York accent,” Gigi explained.
“Peter Right used to take drugs, drink heavily, and date crazy rude models. He was even arrested for trashing an expensive hotel room; remember that? I hope his wife knows everything that went on in his life or she’s using him to get into the limelight,” Amy continued.
“You guys are right. People on the A-list are psychos. Do you think it’s because of the money?” Gigi asked.
“Fame. Fame makes a person go crazy,” Timothy said.
Gigi clocked out from her job and drove to school, which was an hour away. When she arrived on campus, she said a quick hello to her favorite English teacher who gave her the strength to pursue a writing career. She went to the library to check her e-mail and to finish her homework. On this particular day she had three weeks of math homework to turn in because of the movie, a book signing, and work.
Her was class filled with energy and excitement because she loved math.
“Math is a universal language and a science that is never wrong,” Gigi would say to her friends who couldn’t believe she was majoring in Mathematics – Engineering Mathematics.
After math class, Gigi got into her truck and she heard her phone ringing.
“Hello,” Gigi said.
“It’s Amanda, I’m reminding you,” Amanda sang.
“Thank you. I forgot about the chapters. I’m in the school parking lot right now. When I get home I’ll send you the chapters right away. By the way, how do you like it so far?”
“I love the characters in the story. I can relate to them and I love the feel of the scenes too,” Amanda said.
“Good, I’m glad.”
“Okay, I’ll be waiting for them, Gigi. Bye.”
Gigi drove to a local used bookstore, where they sold video and computer games, DVDs, CDs, and of course books. While she was paying for her items, the cashier said, “I love your new book. It’s so cool. I have it here, can you sign it?”
“Sure,” Gigi said, smiling.
Gigi got excited when a person recognized her. She knew if she treated her fans well, they would keep buying her books.
The cashier looked like she was in awe by Gigi’s presence and she was happy to do it because she loved her fans.
Gigi drove home and ran into the house to put on her pajamas. She walked into her sanctuary and Sheba followed her immediately sitting on the futon while Gigi sat at her desk. She turned on the computer and checked her e-mail then sent her editor the chapters she wanted. “Good, I did it. She’ll be happy,” Gigi said to herself.
Gigi closed the Internet application and opened her music library on the computer. She selected the writing play list and started to write her new book in Word. While she wrote, she felt disconnected from the outside world and felt a connection to the world she was creating on the computer. She forgot about the A-list, the media, Carey, California, family differences, bills, the writing industry, and her job.
In her writing, she could express herself freely and become anything or anyone she wanted to be. In the worlds she created, she controlled what happened and how it happened. She created new friends, kept in touch with old friends, and destroyed the enemies who caused the conflicts. She enjoyed this time and sometimes she could write for a few minutes to a few hours nonstop.
When Gigi had to deal with the industry, she got stressed. She had to portray a character in the writing world, which was a long time ago, when she was promoting her first book. She had to show toughness, and have a bad attitude, and be a person who didn’t care about the world or other people. The same attitude she showed in California. She wished she could portray her true self, but she couldn’t allow people to see her as a weak person.
Every night after she wrote a section of her book, she read it to see if it was marketable. That was when her creativity went out the window and her marketing mind appeared. Every night she went through this struggle.
When she turned off her computer, she walked over to the mirror in her second floor bathroom.
“What am I doing with my life? Why can’t I believe in myself?”
Gigi washed her face and hopped into bed with Sheba following behind.
“Another day ended and another day will begin. I wish I could end this cycle. I’m tired.”
…more to come on Monday!


About Aliya Leigh:

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.



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