The Aces – Chapter 4

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The air was crisp with a hint of happiness and love in the air. Carey was soaking up the little spotlight he had now. He was wearing a black party suit with a sliver button down shirt. His hair was gelled back and he sported his thin mustache and goatee. He was dressed like a star, but after today, he may not be a star for long.
“Wait here, please,” Carey said to the driver. The driver nodded to acknowledge he heard. Carey got out of the car and breathed in the fresh air, as if he was never going to breathe it again. Carey walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Sandra answered the door.
“Hello. You’re here.”
The house was a normal size in the Pacific Palisades area that was located on a hill overlooking the sea green ocean. The house had five rooms, a kitchen, three bathrooms, and a game room. In the yard there was a pool house with an Olympic-size pool complete with diving board and slide. In the front of the house, it looked like a desert paradise with flat cacti, sand, and Indian red rocks.
Carey looked at her with his eyes scanning every inch of her body. She was wearing a sliver strapless Cinderella dress with a shawl. Her long brown hair was pinned up in a bun with white little flowers. She looked like a princess going to a ball.
“You look beautiful, as always, my love,” Carey said seriously.
“Thanks. You look smashing yourself.”
“Thanks. Shall we go? Your chariot awaits.”
Sandra took his hand and they walked to the limousine like a husband and wife going to a royal banquet. They waited for the driver to open the door for them.
In the limousine, Sandra said, “You are charming. I could fall in love with you but I am not your type.”
“Is Raphael going to be at the awards show?” Carey asked.
“No. He didn’t want to go.”
“His loss,” Carey said.
“Did you find a replacement?” Sandra asked.
“No. But I did meet a girl. She is a novelist and screenwriter. She is not a warm person though,” Carey said.
“Those people are dreadfully strange. They don’t like to be in the media. I know Arthur has something in mind for you,” Sandra said.
“Why don’t you like Arthur?” Carey asked.
“He is a creep. You just have to watch him. I don’t trust him. Besides, you should be open about your sexuality regardless of dear Mum. Being gay is acceptable, love.”
“Sandra, I cannot be destitute in the future,” Carey said.
“Are you making enough money now?”
“Yes,” Carey said.
“Right then. Save your money. Invest.” Sandra looked at him closer and saw something else worrying him that wasn’t about money. “Or are you afraid to disgrace the amazing Welch family name?” Sandra continued.
“My grandparents are lovely people, they are old-fashioned,” Carey said, looking at the floor. 
“And loons.”
Carey looked at Sandra seriously. He got upset when Sandra talked about his family. He knew he had not been honest to the media about his family. His father died when he was around four years old. Carey came from a wealthy family in England. When he was growing up, he had everything including a cook, maid, butler, and nanny. For some reason he made up the fake poor boy story and it took a life of its own. 
“Stop it. Grandmother loves you,” Carey said.
“That’s what you think. Your grandparents are old and stupid. Stop trying to please them. Live your life. You only have one chance to do it right. Live free and don’t worry about what other people think about you, including your family. I don’t care if they are friends of the Royals. You will make yourself miserable for your whole life and when you die, you will die in mental agony.” 
“You are right, but I love my family. They have been by my side through everything.”
“If that is the case, tell them that you are gay. You love men; good-looking men,” Sandra added. When Carey didn’t say anything Sandra said, “It is your life. I am not going to be part of your game anymore.” 
Carey stared out the window and Sandra studied him. She saw a child in a man’s body trying to please his wealthy family. She didn’t understand why he had to portray a fake lifestyle. She knew for a fact that people didn’t care about whom your parents were or your lifestyle. To Carey it meant a lot and she didn’t know why. If Carey would only tell her, she probably would understand the dilemma he was facing.
“Carey, we are here. Smile,” Sandra said.
The driver stopped the car and a person opened the door. Carey got out of the car first and then helped Sandra. On the red carpet, Carey wrapped his arm around Sandra’s waist. Sandra and Carey waved at the crowd, but when Sandra said something to Carey he took his arm away from Sandra’s waist. Carey saw the paparazzi taking pictures and still smiled for the cameras. They walked down the red carpet, posing and laughing. 
“Carey, dear. Are you and Sandra having problems in your relationship?” a news reporter asked.
“That’s my business,” he said with a smile and waved. 
Carey and Sandra walked inside to their seats. 
“Hello, Peter,” Sandra said.
Peter was sitting at the end of the aisle and got up to greet Sandra. He helped her to her seat and Carey followed. Peter sat down next to Carey and said, “Man, I love you, but not that much.”
Carey smiled. “Have it your way.”
Sandra and Carey switched places and Carey smiled at Peter.
“Sandra, how is Raphael?” Peter asked.
Sandra looked around to see if anyone was listening to them and answered, “Fine. Do you know the truth?”
“Yes, I do. I’m delighted to see you found your true love,” Peter said.
“Do we have to talk about this now?” Carey asked his friends.
“Stop it, Carey. We’re talking low enough that I can’t even hear myself talk,” Peter said.
“Why must we go to these awards anyway? If I win an award, it does not mean anything,” Carey complained.
“Carey, it’s for the exposure. We get a chance to show America we’re cool and teenagers love us. Carey, just let the reporters talk and take pictures of you. This will help you get movies roles and other things. Stop the complaining, like my daughter,” Peter scolded.
Sandra nodded her head in front of Carey to show that she agreed with what Peter was saying. Carey rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair for the show to start.
During the awards show, Carey looked around the auditorium to see if anyone else shared his same enthusiasm. When the camera was on him, Sandra and him smiled. He wanted this time to be on holiday, but his manager forbade it. He told him, “You need the exposure. You need to give the public what it wants.”
At the show, Peter Right won for Choice Movie Actor – Comedy, in his role as a shipmate in The Ship. Philip Morey won for Choice Greatest Reality Moment on a reality show. When he got on stage he talked about PETA and one of his past lives as a fox in Alaska. Carey won for Choice Movie Actor – Drama/Action Adventure in his role as a son in Young Boys. The award didn’t mean anything to him, but he smiled at the camera, thanked Sandra, and walked backstage. 
After the awards show, Carey, Peter, and Sandra posed for the cameras and answered the reporters’ questions. Carey felt that this was his greatest acting role. He walked away from the crowd for a minute and called Arthur. He was talking to him in a corner and there were girls jumping over the red velvet rope and onto the red carpet to touch him. He was surprised about the girls’ actions, but he hugged them and signed autographs anyway. In the process of this, he dropped his cell phone without knowing because he was overwhelmed about the attention he was receiving. 
Philip saw Carey with the young girls jumping over the ropes onto the red carpet surrounding him. He waved at the crowds but they were running to Carey. He looked down in disappointment, but saw a cell phone on the ground. He picked up the phone and flipped it open. He saw it was Carey’s cell phone. He looked at the recent phone numbers he dialed and saw Arthur’s name. He had heard of Arthur before and knew he was the best in the business. “Maybe he can help me,” Philip said to himself.
Philip got a pen and paper from his inner pocket and wrote down Arthur’s number. When the girls walked away from Carey, Philip went over to him.
“Hello,” Philip said.
“Hello,” Carey said casually.
“Looking for this?” Philip asked.
Carey looked at Philip’s hand and saw his cell phone. 
“Thanks, Philip,” Carey said relieved, and put it in his inner pocket.
“How do you know my name?” Philip asked.
“You are well known, plus we are going to perform in a film together.”
Philip smiled and winked at Carey,  “I’m happy to meet you. I hope we see each other again before the film and I’m happy to know you’re a little English,” Philip said and walked away.
Carey looked at Philip as he walked away. What did he mean by that? he thought. 

…more to come on Wednesday, as always!


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