The Aces – Chapter 5

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The AcesThe air was as cold as ice. Cops were gathering the homeless and putting them in the van, taking them to the shelter against their will whether they wanted to or not. One cop, who had been there for an hour, saw a man frozen to death. He wanted to cry, but couldn’t allow emotion to touch him. People around the area ran to the subway station to get their bodies warm. There weren’t a lot of people on the street and small businesses were closing early. This was a cold evening in New York City near Times Square.

Inside a building, there were people dressed to impress. Some of the women had hardly any clothes on, and some of the men were dressed in suits or dress pants and dress shirts. Overall, they were dressed to the highest standards of the entertainment world with brand names. Servers were there to take orders and serve food, and flashes from cameras were going off like gunfire. In reality, the function was for the homeless and poor. To the people inside, this function allowed them to get exposure, meet people, conduct business deals or get laid.

In the midst of all the celebrity drama, there was Philip Morey, Peter Right, and Carey Roland sitting at a table with other actors. Carey was talking about his movie Files. The movie made all the main actors famous in their homelands of the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and America. They were all nobodies before the film, but during Files and after, the main actors became best friends. To have a reminder of the bond, the actors and actresses all got matching tattoos on their hips to show their friendship to the world. Since the cast had gotten older and wiser, the tattoo idea seemed to be a little too much, but they were still the best of friends. They had even helped each other get parts in other movies. To Carey, Files was his moment to shine and did to the media world, but with fame, there was always a price. Carey knew Sandra was not there at the banquet although she was invited. She did not want to cause a scene or stir things up, so she stayed at her home in California with her good-looking boyfriend, who was known in the media. Carey was trying to get out of the habit of looking at the person to the right of him, where Sandra usually sat. He needed to move on with his life and find a backup to take Sandra’s place.

While Carey thought about Sandra and talked to his co-stars, Peter was trying his best to ignore Philip and his words. He wanted to change his seat, but the seats were pre-arranged. Peter wished his wife could have been here to see the stars upfront and personal. Paulette was a celebrity in France and other parts of Europe, but not in America. People in America knew Peter’s wife as the mother of their children, not a pop rock star, who this year sold 10 million CDs. Her band sounded almost like U2 with a mix of Christina Aguilera and Ashley Simpson. Paulette did go to an American star-studded affair one time and was disgusted how people treated her husband. Some woman told her that Peter would cheat on her and leave her French plain self. She vowed that she would never go to another function in America again because of the rudeness and backstabbing. When Peter thought about his wife and children he tried to drown out what Philip was saying, but it didn’t help. Philip kept talking and talking about past lives and ways he has died, the media, his girlfriends, and anything else he had on his mind. Peter hoped the seats across from him stayed empty, so he could sit away from this guy.

At the function, there were musicians, actors, actresses, socialites (who don’t do anything, except talk and flaunt their millions), and the celebrity nerdy writers. The DJ in his booth played different types of music to please everyone.

At this event, some celebrities would perform their talents. The performances were to raise money for the foundation, but to some of the people performing they could care less. They were performing to audition for a part in a future play, movie, television show or record deal because there were directors, producers, television executives, music executives, and music producers in the audience. The function was just a show, not a fundraiser for the goodness of the world.

Peter looked at the empty seats and they called out his name, but then he saw a sports drink bottle hit his table with force and he was out of his trance.

Everyone stopped talking in the room and looked at two girls on the dance floor. One girl was tall with caramel skin. Her brown straight hair was in a ponytail, and she had on a brown tank top and light blue jeans with holes in them. The other girl was short with a darker complexion and black hair.

The two girls gestured for two men at a table to dance with them. Making their way to the dance floor, the girls immediately grabbed each man and danced seductively with them, like the function turned into a dance club.

After the girls and men danced a few songs, the girls sat at the table with Carey, Peter, and Philip. The tall girl ordered tea for both of them and the other girl looked around. They both looked excited and happy to be there, but they seemed to be ignoring the people around them.

“I needed that, phew,” the tall girl said to her friend.

“Girl, you know it. I was going to get ghetto up in there. What was she talking about? I have not a clue.”

“I hate it when people waste my time.”

“Why are you here?” Carey asked the tall girl.

The tall girl finished the last drop from her drink and put it under the table. She ignored the question from Carey; she didn’t even look at him. The two girls remained ghosts at the affair. A waiter walked over to their table and the two girls ordered two cups of hot tea.

“I am so cold,” the dark-skinned girl said to the tall girl.

“Girl, tell me about it. I forgot how cold it gets over here.”

The tall girl saw a boy walking toward her. “Hello, Gigi. I told you she’s the best,” the boy said.

This boy, who looked like a pre-teen, was actually a twenty-five-year old famous writer. He was confused why they weren’t dressed properly for the function and why the tall girl was not being her butterfly social self, but he was happy to see her there with her attitude and charm.

“I hate you. I just hate you. You owe me,” Gigi said to the boy. Her face was red as a beet through her caramel complexion.

More to come soon on Wednesday!

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