The Aces – Chapter 5 continues…

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The Aces

Gigi was biting her tongue because she needed to think before she said something wrong. She was waving her favorite index finger at the boy and shaking her head. The girl next to her moved her chair a little ways from Gigi because from experience she knew Gigi was about to explode in a million pieces instead of being her calm, smart mouth, cutthroat, cunning self.

“What’s wrong?” the boy asked Gigi.

He hadn’t seen Gigi this upset before in all the time he had known her.

The people at the table were looking and listening to what Gigi was about to say with keen interest. Carey was upset that Gigi did not acknowledge him, but this scene was more interesting than the scene he experienced with her. For a change, Gigi was mad and he loved it, like an angel laying on a comfy fluffy white cloud without a care in the world.

“Okay, first, it was one hundred five degrees in the winter season of Arizona. It’s not supposed to be that hot. Anyway, when I left my home in Tucson and drove to Phoenix, I was wearing New York type winter clothes; Rachel was wearing them too. When Rachel and I were at the airport, we got so hot that we changed into the clothes you see us now. Our plane was delayed and I told your wonderful advertising person about the delay. She told me not to worry about it. Then, when we get to New York, the advertising person that I was supposed to meet with went home and the assistant was there to pick us up.”

“Bonnie,” the boy said.

“Yeah, Bonnie. Bonnie is a racist and wasted my time.  She called me a hick because I live in Arizona and I don’t understand the fashion and lifestyle of New York City. The damn girl didn’t even read my bio. Shoot. I wanted to say some other words, but I needed to classy up in here. I told her I was born and raised in Queens, New York in an upper middle class neighborhood. I told her Rachel was born and raised in an upper middle class neighborhood in Boston. At first she didn’t believe me, but after reading my bio that I told her to read in front of me she felt small. Shit! Excuse my language,” Gigi said to the table of stars.

“After we were finished with her, we came here. Our bags are in the coatroom. We didn’t have time to change. Now I’m cold, mad, and want to kill someone. That woman let my blackness blow up. Chris, why the hell did you do this to me? I thought we were friends, colleagues with the same mission in the writing field. You promised me that you would help me if I got you into that upscale writing society,” Gigi said.

“Gigi, I’m sorry about the marketing company. I will call Leaha tomorrow and get everything straightened out.”

“How? Tomorrow is Saturday, a non-business day, don’t tell me…”

“I have her home phone number,” Chris said quickly.

“You have her home phone number? You can call her now before the thought leaves your mind.”

“But Gigi,” Chris whined.

“No buts. You call her now and tell her the story I told you. The next time she wants to set up a meeting with me, she is flying out to the desert.”

“You’re being difficult.”

“Chris, don’t go there. It’s the marketing company you deal with. Yes, the publishers are helping me, but this book is special to me and I need it to show a special side to it. I trusted you to help. You know how important this book means to me. I was planning to self-publish it. I flew to New York and didn’t get anywhere with the marketing and now I have to be at a function with my hair looking like I just woke up and wearing clothes that I’m cold in. I didn’t plan to look like this at this function. This function is important to me. Believe it or get the hell out of my face. If she needs more clients and she’s as good as you claim her to be, she will fly to Arizona.”

Chris left the table holding his breath. He pounded his feet on the floor and walked toward his table like a child.

“He’s not going to make the call,” Rachel said to Gigi.

“I know, but at least we’re here. See, he came to me as a man and he walked away as a boy. I got my vengeance,” Gigi laughed.

Gigi didn’t acknowledge anyone at the table, which made Carey steam with anger. A man walked up to Gigi’s table and stared her dead in the face, but in her mind she was a ghost and wanted to be treated like one. The man cleared his throat, but Gigi still didn’t pay any attention to him. She kept on talking to her friend.

“Look at what the devil brought in. Why are you here?” the man asked Gigi.

Carey knew the man. He was nice by nature and a wonderful actor to work with. When he played the part, he lived through the character. They performed together in Young Boys and Carey liked to hang out with him when he visited the New York area. By the look on Shawn’s face, Carey knew he hated Gigi the same way he did. Shawn’s face was showing spots of red. Gigi looked at Carey and other members of the table. She lowered her head like she was praying to God. In the next minute, she looked right at Shawn.

“I was invited. Listen, I’m not here to argue with you. I had a rough day and I don’t want to get into a debate with you,” Gigi said.

“You’re a pirate,” Shawn said to Gigi.

“You have no right. You never want to hear my side of the issue,” Gigi argued.

“Because you don’t have a side,” Shawn said to her and Peter laughed.

“We’re not on the ocean. How can she be a pirate?” Peter asked Shawn.

“Computer pirate, Peter. She downloads illegal software, music, movies, and shows.”

Peter was in shock and felt old around the young people at the table who knew what Shawn was talking about. At that point, he thought back on what his daughter had said. “You’re old.”

Gigi shrugged and said, “You can’t prove it, idiot. This is what I mean; you never hear my side of the issue. Now, do you want to hear my side or not, Mr. Idiot?”

“Stop calling me an idiot. You support it. You wrote about it in your book. I bet you’ll make sure there are no illegal copies of your movie on the Net.”

Gigi sipped some of her tea to keep her body warm and stared at Shawn, giving him the evil eye. She put her cup down and signaled Shawn to take a chair so he could listen to her thoughts on the matter.

“Okay. I’m listening, devil,” Shawn said and smirked.

“First, you’re not in the movie Young Boys anymore, okay. So please talk normally, like a human, not as a retard. Or maybe you are. I don’t know or care.”

Peter stared at Gigi and then looked at Carey. Carey nodded at Peter. Gigi scanned the table. “We have to have examples why downloading should be legal, dork.”

“Please stop the name calling. You guys are acting like my kids,” Peter said to Gigi.

“Well, okay. I’ll try, but he started the war,” Gigi said defiantly.

Peter looked at the two adults acting like his children. Gigi was Mackay and Shawn was Carson. He immediately thought of his family. He wished his wife was by his side, but when reality set in, he was alone and felt like a stranger to the crowd.

“No, I didn’t. You wrote about me and my cause in one of your books.”

“You never heard my side,” Gigi still argued.

“I’m here now, tell me, oh wise one,” Shawn said sarcastically.

“Okay, this is how I feel about the movie industry.  There are many movies that suck, some don’t. I’m not going to say I download movies, but rather I check them out first. If I like the movie, then I will spend the eight bucks to see it. We have two examples, Young Boys and Horrors. With Horrors, I saw a download version first. I didn’t do the downloading, okay. I got it from someone else. After I saw the downloaded version, I spend eight dollars to see it at the theatre. I also bought the DVD and the soundtrack. The movie was funny and had suspense in it.”

Gigi looked at the two actors sitting at the end of the table and said, “Good job. I enjoyed the movie.”

Gigi looked at Shawn and Carey, who were both in Young Boys, and shook her head.

“With Young Boys, I wish I had seen a download version first before spending three dollars watching it. It was pure crap. It was supposed to be an epic, but to my friend and me and the people sitting in the theatre, the movie was just a joke with naked bodies and sex. Soft porn,” Gigi added. Gigi took a sip of her tea and said, “After the movie, I asked for my three dollars and time back.”

Gigi smiled at Carey and Shawn. “This is how I feel about downloading movies: if a person downloads a movie, they will watch it. If they love what they see, most likely they will see it in the movies. If they really like it, they will buy the DVD. And…”

“The movies do show previews,” Shawn pointed out, cutting off Gigi in mid-sentence.

“The previews don’t show you the movie as a whole.  Sometimes the best parts are in the previews and the rest of the movie is pure crap,” Gigi argued.

“Why should I pay you eight dollars, so you can badly entertain me? If you had a maid who didn’t do a good job cleaning your house, would you pay her?” Gigi asked Shawn.

“No, I wouldn’t pay the maid, but that isn’t the point,” Shawn said.

“Yes, it is. You know it, too. You just don’t want to hear the truth. The voice of reason wins again. Now please get up, put the chair back, and leave. Go shorty, go.”

Shawn stared at her with rage as a blood vein on his head throbbed as fast as his heart beat. He walked away and didn’t look back.

“See, I’m right,” Gigi said to Rachel.

Rachel laughed because this was the real Gigi. Rachel was happy that Gigi hadn’t changed since she became part of the media circus. Gigi vowed never to be a sellout or to kiss someone’s butt just to get in the spotlight. But what Rachel didn’t know was that Gigi had a secret that would put her in a different light in Rachel’s mind, although they were best friends.

“People hate you. I see I’m not the only one. Do you think you can be good to people instead of pissing them off? You’re a bitch. You turned a nice, wonderful guy into a raging lunatic. I’m surprised he controlled himself around you.”

“I hope you understand what I was saying. You could not be in my film. The part wasn’t written for you. Carey, you’re a good actor, but the part wasn’t for you. I wanted the film to be as close to the book as possible. I owe it to my fans and soon-to-be fans,” Gigi tried to explain.

“You didn’t give me a chance,” Carey whined.

“Too much of a waste of my time,” Gigi said.

“By the way, I heard about your fake dating partner, Sandra. At first I thought you did love her, but she was just an accessory for you,” Gigi said to Carey in a fake English accent.

“I loved her, I still do,” Carey defended.

“Yeah, whatever. Keep telling yourself that.”

Carey wanted to kill her and she could see it on his face.

“I know you love me,” Gigi said with a smile.

“No, I don’t,” he said.

“If you went out with me, you would be popular in the movies and in the writing field, but you’re too skinny and English for me anyway,” Gigi laughed.

No one at the table could believe what Gigi said as she cut him down to size mentally.

“Are you the writer, Gigi Meekins?” Nick asked Gigi.

Nick Bloom was a young, well-built Englishman who played in the movie Files with Carey. Gigi liked him for his acting and his mind. She always wanted to meet him in person to see if he was the same charming man onscreen as well as in person. His cornflower eyes had a hint of sea green in them, and his beard made him look wealthy and educated in a boyish way.

“Yes, I am. And you’re a screenwriter.”

“How did you know?”

“Remember, I’m a writer. I did some research on you. I read your bio. You wrote a screenplay for a short well-known movie that aired in England. Now you’re writer and actor, too.”

“Do you fancy me?” Nick asked with his cunning smile.

“Yes, I do. You look sweet, but looks aren’t everything to me. I’m interested in the mind. So, you like my books?” Gigi said to Nick with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Yes, love, I do. I wish I had a copy of Sleep, so you could autograph it. I love the book. It made me crap in my knickers. I had to take a sleeping pill to go to sleep. You’re good. How do you come up with the material?”

“Dreams, just dreams. I dream a story straight through, I write it down, and type it in the computer,” Gigi explained.

“Are you sure they are dreams?”

“Yes. With Sleep, I dreamt it for two weeks straight, and then I knew I had to make it into a novel. My dreams get creepy like that. One day I dreamt, for a month straight, that my apartment was on fire. It got to the point that I needed to get renter’s insurance. The fire dream gave life to Minds.”

“I love your writing and you are not fearful of anyone. I like that in a woman.” Nick wiggled his eyebrows.

Carey and Peter looked at Nick and wondered where his mind had gone. For a man to like Gigi was impossible in the mind of a sane person. Carey remembered back when Gigi told him she had a boyfriend who was mentally crazy. He now wondered if it was Gigi’s doing. For Nick to say something like that to a person who was the epitome of Satan, they wondered if Nick was mentally sick.

“You fancy her books?” Carey asked Nick incredulously.

“Yes. I have all of them. I illegally downloaded copies of her screenplays,” Nick said to the group.

“There are illegal copies of the screenplay on the Net?” Gigi asked with a smile.

“Yes. Are you upset?” Nick asked.

Gigi smiled. “Where are they downloading them from?” Gigi asked.

“In a lot of places.”

“Good. I’m so happy people are willing to read my screenplays. That’s cool,” Gigi said.

“You’re happy about this? As I understand you’re not getting paid for it,” Peter said to Gigi.

“Knowing that people want to read the screenplay on how the movie was written gives me pure pleasure. Plus, there’s a website with a lot of major films. You actors have to understand the screenplay in the heart of any movie, show, or play. I’m so pissed that you guys don’t give us any credit. Writers are the backbone of your careers. Writers are the real celebrities in the world, not the actors. We invent the characters and give them a body,” Gigi said to the group.

“Whatever,” Philip said.

“Whatever! I want you to perform in a movie without a script.”

“I can do that. I’m smart. My mommy says I’m special. Writers are geeks and ugly people. They can never be stars in the spotlight. They’ll break the cameras and turn all the reporters into stone, like that ugly goddess. Dude, she was ugly, thank Nirvana someone killed her,” Philip said.

Philip smiled at the group and Gigi looked confused. Gigi had heard that he was stupid or mildly retarded. She thought it was acting on his part, but now meeting him in person, she believed the stories to be true.

“Yes, you are special. I bet you got a special education too,” Gigi said to Philip.

“Yes, I am special. How did you know? You’re not smart, you’re a geek writer,” Philip said like a child.

“I can just tell. You need to get stabbed in a dark alley,” Gigi said menacingly.

“Please. You’re just jealous of my good looks and world knowledge,” Philip said.

“Whatever,” Gigi said. “Rachel, let’s go to the bathroom.”

“Thank you and do not bother coming back,” Carey said.

In the bathroom they were making themselves look decent without a proper grown for the banquet. Gigi said to Rachel, “I want to be like them. I want people to look at me and wonder what I’m all about or what I ate last night.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll achieve it. But do you want the attention?” Rachel asked.

“I need it. I crave it. I would die for any type of attention. I even thought about sleeping around to get it, but I value my body.”

Rachel stopped primping and looked at Gigi in the mirror. She knew what Gigi meant about attention. She was a mystery and she liked to keep it that way. “Girl, don’t worry. You’ll be popular. Everyone will be kissing your feet.”

“I hope so. When I achieve success, then I quit my job.”

“That day will come soon. You’ll see,” Rachel said encouragingly.

Gigi walked out of the bathroom and stood in the entryway of the hall. She saw people walking around and sitting at tables talking. She saw the authors at the writers’ table. She wanted to be a celebrity, not a nerd who wrote books and had a cat to substitute for a man in her life. She wanted to be someone; someone people would look up to and write about. She wanted to lead an interesting life not a boring one; the one she was living now.

“Hello, everyone. I want to thank you for supporting the Disabled Foundation,” the man in a black suit said on stage.

Everyone sitting at the tables clapped when the announcer finished talking. Carey looked around. He did not see Gigi anywhere only Rachel enjoys herself, sitting at a table with celebrities. The announcer continued to talk about the disabled living in America and how this banquet could provide money for the foundation. Gigi walked to the backstage entry after she knew Rachel could find her seat.

“Let’s start the show!” the announcer yelled.

During the show, celebrities sang, danced, and told jokes to keep the audience happy and cheering for more. The biggest shocker of the show was Gigi dancing to a smooth ballet song. Carey, Nick, Philip, Peter, and the rest of the table were watching her dance with a good-looking male partner. The look of shock on their faces was priceless.

After the show, Gigi walked over to Rachel so they could get the hell out of there and get some much-needed sleep. Without Gigi saying a word, Carey stared at her as if she were someone else. “You know ballet?” Carey asked.

“A little. I took dance lessons when I was younger. The piece you saw out there I had practiced five hours a day for shows when we had recitals and stuff. I had a lot of training.”

“You showed so much emotion, I fancy that. I knew you had to have a soft side to you and you finally showed it.  Who are you?” Carey asked.

“Nobody,” Gigi said.

“You’re somebody. You can be a nice person. Why the attitude?” Carey asked.

“Because it’s me, okay? I don’t want to discuss this anymore.”

Carey looked at her for a moment, trying to figure her out. There were a lot of questions in his mind about the tall caramel-skinned girl with the ponytail.

“What’s your problem?” Gigi asked Carey.

“You,” Carey said.


“You are my puzzle,” Carey said.

“Whatever, idiot. You’re crazy. When you see me again, don’t talk to me. I don’t want people to know I know a dumb Englishman. It’ll kill my rep,” Gigi said.

“If I see you, I will give you a big wet kiss,” Carey said with a smile to annoy her, the same way she did to him.

“You must love mental torment. You’re not my type.  You’re UK; I’m USA. You’re an actor; I’m a writer. No, it will not work out. Plus, you look like a female supermodel trying hard to look like a man. I’m not a lesbian,” Gigi said to Carey and walked off. She didn’t even wait around to see the expression on his face.

Gigi and Rachel walked to the coatroom counter and asked for their luggage.

“Now we can change and put on some sweaters before we go outside,” Gigi said, looking through her bag.

“What was that, girl?” Rachel asked.

“What was what?”

“You treated Carey in the worst way today. Is this part of your game?” Rachel asked.

Rachel knew Gigi was scheming up a plan for Carey. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it couldn’t be good.


End of chapter 5

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Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.



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