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“It’s a wrap,” Mike said in the blow horn.
There were gaffers, scene crews, camera crews, make-up artists, costume crews, stuntmen and -women, and extras, just to name a few. They were busy in the desert filming a scene for the movie, The Heat, starring Carey Roland, Peter Right, and Philip Morey. The premise of the movie is because of global warming, the characters find each other and try to survive in this new earthen hot surface.
Each actor had his or her own reason for doing the movie. Some of their thoughts were about money, performing, global awareness, and underlining schemes, but the director was the main attraction to the movie. By working with him, an actor learned how to improve his or her craft and they were able to get more roles in Hollywood because the director’s name was on their resume since he won four academy awards for screenwriting and directing. 
The director liked to be called Mike even though his real name was Rainbow Van. When he was born his family lived in a van and a rainbow appeared, thus the name. His parents didn’t allow him and his sisters to go to public school, so the family was home schooled. For entertainment, the family would go to the drive-in to watch movies, which was a treat because his parents didn’t believe in television. His parents thought television was the root of all evil in the world. When Mike was ten years old, his dream was to be in the movies. When he was eighteen years old, he ran away from his family and the city of San Francisco and moved to Los Angeles. He worked odd jobs and did things, which he was not proud of, to make money for living expenses and college. He went to college to study the art of filming. From then on, he had been directing and writing ever since. His parents still live in San Francisco, and still believe television is the root of all-evil. His sisters followed his example by going to college and making something of themselves. One is a marketing consultant and the other owns her own herb store chain. 
Mike was a fun loving type of guy, who wanted an actor to perform their best. He was willing to work with the actor and never made outrage demands on them. This thin, long haired, bearded, tan-skinned man was voted one of the best bosses to work for, four years straight. Some so-called serious actors couldn’t work with him because he was so laid back, but his style kept him focused on the real picture. Mike said to people, “When your name is Rainbow Van, you cannot be serious.”
The air was hot, around ninety-eight degrees of pure sun. Sometimes the sand devils would play with the wind for a while and then die. Peter was taking his allergy medication because of the dust. Peter was sitting in his chair near the cooler with bottles of water. He opened his mouth; it felt dry like the Arizona desert. He drank the whole bottle of water in one gulp, grabbed another bottle, and walked over to sit next to Carey.
“Pass me some water, please,” Carey said to Peter.
“Here,” Peter said, handing him a bottle.
“It is hot,” Carey said, as he drank the water.
“This isn’t hot, man. It gets in the triple digits over here. Last time I was in Mexico, it was one hundred eighteen degrees. That’s hot. I don’t understand how people can live in this heat,” Peter said.
“Well, Gigi lives here.”
“You like Gigi? She’s the rudest woman I ever met. Why are you interested in her?” Peter asked.
“I thought you liked men?” Peter asked. 
Carey whispered, “I’m confused. Peter, there is something about her. I believe she was putting on an act.”
Peter laughed and started drinking his third bottle of water. He looked at Carey and said, “You’re confused with confusion.”
“What do you mean?”
“The woman is rude. You like men. You also like her.  See, confusion,” Peter said.
“Peter, I don’t understand it. It has been three, close to four months and I still think about her.”
“How she embarrassed you at the audition and at the banquet?” Peter reminded.
“No. Well, I remember all of that. But when she danced, I think I saw her true soul.”
“Are you on drugs?”
“No, I am serious. I cannot stop thinking about her. I need to sit one on one with her to understand her. I need to know the true Gigi. Peter, you understand what I mean?”
Peter puts his bottle on the ground and bowed his head.  He looked at the ground as if the sand painted him a picture in front of his eyes. He raised his head and looked into Carey’s eyes. “What do you see in my eyes?” Peter asked.
“Your eyeballs,” Carey said seriously.
“No. I know you see my eyeballs, but look deeper,” Peter said.
Carey finally got the point. He saw friendship in Peter’s dull brown eyes. “This is how you knew Paulette was the one?” Carey asked.
“Yes. I was people watching, as usual, in the park in Northern France. I saw her walk through the park. She looked like a princess. She looked at me and walked by me as if I was a normal guy, not a popular actor. I did the same thing for two weeks, but she never showed again,” Peter said.
Peter looked up at the sky and continued.
“One day I was sitting outside at a restaurant. I saw her on the other side of the street. I can remember it like it happened yesterday.”
Peter smiled.
“Carey, I jumped out of my chair, ran over to her, and kissed her on her lips. Yes, I was compulsive. She slapped the crap out of me, which was understandable under the circumstances. I’m surprised she didn’t kick me where it hurts. At that moment, I looked into her eyes and knew she was the one, my wife-to-be.”
“Did Paulette feel the same way?” Carey asked.
Peter picked up his bottle of water and leaned back in his chair.
He took a sip of his water and said, “No, she didn’t. First of all, she didn’t know me. I had to show her one of my dreadful movies. I told her everything about me and after dating for a while, she accepted me in her life. At first, I didn’t want to get married to her because I was afraid of disappointing her. I thought I would turn into my bad boy image again, but when we had our first child, I knew we had to get married, not because it was the right thing to do, but because I loved them both.”
“Peter, I did not know you were this deep in thought before.”
“But there’s something else,” Peter started, but Philip interrupted their conversation.
“Is there anything to do here?” Philip asked.
Peter looked at him incredulously because he was so rude.
“What?” Peter asked.
“Is there something to do here? Like, are you totally deaf?” Philip asked, smiling because he didn’t care what anyone thought of him.
“We can go to Phoenix, but I don’t have a car. Can I continue talking to Carey, please?” Peter said to Philip.
“I’m going to ask the director then.”
“Please do,” Peter said with his hands pressed together, as if he was getting ready to pray.
Peter continued his conversation with Carey about true love, as Philip skipped to where Mike was sitting.
“Mike, I want to have fun,” Philip whined.
Mike saw the man in front of him acting like a two-year-old boy. With making changes to the script and the scene locations, he didn’t have time to entertain Philip. Mike regretted it more and more each day that he cast Philip because he contributed to the film financially. Philip had been demanding, rude, and self-centered, and acted like he was a god walking on the earth so people could worship him.
“Okay, and…” Mike waited for him to continue.
“I want to have fun. What can I do?” Philip whined again.
“I can call one of the screenwriters who worked on this project, dude. She lives here. Her name is Sub-Zero.”
“Okay. Call her now. Remember who’s making your paycheck. I’ll be waiting,” Philip said and skipped over to Peter and Carey.
“Peter. Carey. Mike is going to call Sub-Zero. She’s a screenwriter. She lives here. Can you believe it? People live here, in the desert. I wonder if they live in tents.”
“Do you mean that?” Carey asked Philip.
“Yes, I do.”
Peter thought Philip was such an idiot. Philip had the talent, but not brainpower. Peter thought he should make a decision for Philip. “Philip, you’re hungry. Go over there and eat something,” Peter said, pointing to the table.
“I think he was dropped as an infant,” Carey said.
Mike walked over to Peter and Carey with his cell phone in his hand and asked the two if they wanted to see the town.   
“It’s not my top priority to go out tonight,” Peter said. “I just want to call my family first.”
“I don’t mind seeing the town, I’ll go,” Carey decided.
“I’ll call Sub-Zero,” Mike said, as he dialed.
The guys heard Mike negotiating and laughing on the phone. They looked at each other confused. After Mike closed his phone, he turned to the actors sitting in the chairs.
He chuckled and said, “She’s a pain, but she’s lovable and has a good heart. She said she’s willing to drive you guys anywhere you like, but you must pay for gas and leave a tip.”
“What? Why the demands?” Carey asked.
“Dude, she said you guys make more money than she does and you can afford it. Right now, she’s at school, the local college near here.
Mike then looked at Philip at the table eating his food like a child. He had his napkin in his shirt like a bib and glanced up at Mike with his infamous smile.
“I can’t believe he’s a good actor. In reality he acts like my two-year-old child,” Mike said to the two actors sitting next to him. Mike left the group so he could finish up his work.   
“I wonder if Sub-Zero knows Gigi. It seems they both have the same demeanor,” Carey said.
“I don’t know, but I couldn’t deal with two Gigi’s in the world,” Peter said. Peter saw Philip skipping toward them. “Here he comes.”
Philip had a bright smile pasted on his face. He looked at Peter first, rolled his eyes, and then looked at Carey. He stepped in front of Carey staring deep in his eyes.
“Yes, Philip. How are you?” Carey asked.
“Hi Carey, you did good on the set. You really live out the character. I enjoy working with you,” Philip said.
“Thank you. The same goes for you.”
“Thank you. I knew you would warm up to me,” Philip said.
“Thanks, I guess.”
“I love the way you talk. How did you learn to talk English that way?” Philip asked.
“I was raised in England. I speak with a British accent.”
Philip looked at Carey with a blank stare. Carey could hear butterflies flying around in his head. 
“I speak English,” Carey said again.
“If you speak English, why can’t I talk that way?”  Philip asked.
“You were born in America,” Carey explained.
“Well, in America we speak English, but not like you,” Philip said.
Peter tried controlling his laughter after that statement. His children knew more than Philip. 
“Man, I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll see
you,” Peter said.
“You don’t have to make an announcement,” Philip said to Peter.
Peter wanted to wring Philip’s neck, but he remembered his mantra. “Peace with the body and land.”
Carey turned his attention to the puzzled Philip and said, “I was born stupid,” in the hope that Philip would leave.
Philip gave Carey a hug and said, “Oh. Too bad,” with a sincere sigh.
“I’m sorry,” he continued. “I’ll be your friend. I’ll never judge you. Believe me,” he said, as he put his hand over his heart, “it is hard for me to be special.” 
“I bet,” Carey said.
Carey pushed Philip away from him and said, “Thanks.  I have to go to the bathroom.”
“Okay. I can go with you. I can help hold your pee-pee,” Philip said.
Carey looked at Philip to see if he was serious. Philip had his famous smile pasted on his face.
“No, I can go to the bathroom by myself. Thanks, but no thanks.”
“I’ll be outside your trailer if you need any help,” Philip sang.
Carey walked into his brown and white trailer. Inside he had a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but it was not home to him, instead it was a cardboard box on a set. He stayed there when he was not due out on set to take a nap during takes, to think, or to get away from Philip.
Carey locked the front door behind him to make sure Philip could not get in. He lifted the blinds to the front windows and saw Philip smiling and waving to him, as if he was a two-year-old child. Carey smiled back and let the blinds back down. In his bedroom he fell on the bed and thought about Gigi. He knew there was something about her that she didn’t want to show and she did show her true self, unconsciously, when she dances the piece at the banquet. He was thinking about when she went out to dinner with him. She did show a little emotion and humanness to her personality.
He fell face down on his bed and rolled over to his back and looked at the ceiling fan hovering over him. He closed his eyes, looked at the ceiling fan again, and saw Gigi’s face smiling at him. He smiled and closed his eyes. He didn’t know why he thought about this girl, but he could not erase her smiling face and her beautiful body out of his mind.
Carey sat up from his bed and used his pillow as back support. He couldn’t afford to hurt his back. When he was a teenager in England, he was a club kid. One Saturday night, he called a friend to pick him up. When Carey was climbing down the rope, he slipped and fell on the floor. All he remembered that he was looking at the stars and passed out. He woke up in a hospital bed in traction and the doctor told him he may have to live the rest of his life in a wheelchair. With Carey’s stubborn attitude, yoga meditation, having a cross next to his bed, and reading the Bible daily, he began to walk again. It was a miracle of faith and science. Once in a while, Carey will have problems with his back, but it never stops him from performing stunts in movies. In The Ship, he broke a rib and sprained his ankle, but it didn’t stop him from performing more stunts in the film. 
Carey closed his eyes and thought about his life and the direction he was going in. He had concerns about his lifestyle preference. He knew he could never have a true relationship with a man or woman, but must portray this life he made up for himself. 
A knock at the door woke him up out of his trance and he jumped up from the bed too fast.
“Hello?” Carey asked behind his locked door.

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