Don’t let me down, a story

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Pushing my buttons!, Rocks in my path
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I’m always on the lookout for a good book. If an author I like has a book coming out, I anxiously stalk the bookstore’s shelves although I know I’ll end up buying the Kindle version of the book (e – book) that I can take everywhere with me easily and discreetly.
I’m starting to think, though, that this book addiction is good and bad. Good, because let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as intellectually and sometimes emotionally satisfying as a good story. However, when you’ve been led to believe that the story you’re about to consume is going to be not only enjoyable, but will fill your core to its utmost and give you precisely what you’re craving, and  it doesn’t…that is the bad part. It is THE worst feeling of abandonment; THE biggest letdown in something that you believed in, needed, or even yearned for! Why would an author do that to his her readers!?
Sometimes a story does not deliver answers or reasons related to the premise, and at times when the author attempts to, the answers, reasons, etc. are so fake, weak, unrealistic or forced, it makes me mash my teeth and want to throw the book out if a high window. But I don’t because I’d be throwing my kindle, iPad or BlackBerry away. Maybe Kindle is saving me from wreaking havoc on a poor, unsuspecting printed book.
Look, if a book is good, I’ll happily sing its praises and tell everyone who enjoys a good story, about it. If it’s bad I’ll warn readers away and explain why. Not because I think authors are bad people, hell, I am one, (author, that is, not a bad person…or so I’d like to think!) but because there are so many good stories out there just waiting to be heard, to be seen, and to be thoroughly enjoyed with reckless abandon. I refuse to spend time with bad stories that let me down more than a loved one forgetting my birthday (and those who know of my month long celebrating know how much of a disappointment that’ll be) by the plot, weak ending, poor editing and bad storytelling. I realize taste is subjective but I dare say that even if a story is about a topic I don’t particularly care for, or even if I hate the protagonist, if it’s a well written story, I won’t totally dislike it.
So what’s the deal with this post about writing? I really just want more good stories! I really want those in charge of putting out good stories to stop bullshitting me and other readers about how good or essential a bad book is, in order to make money. I would also love to see editors and publishers promoting good stories with enthusiasm instead of complaining about the decline of the publishing and printing world and without complaining about how large or how annoying and tedious the slush pile, the unsolicited manuscripts sent to publishers by hopeful authors, can be. Who knows, maybe the decline in numbers of the printed book and magazine, and the highly discussed demise of the traditional publishing industry is partly due to the promotion, hype and lies about bad stories. Either way, stop making up false stories about a bad story. Good stories are out there, I just know they are.
  1. Absolutely agree! I’ve had to read books that felt like an interminable chore and have never been more anxious to finish, simply because I hated it. But when you get a great book, man. It’s like everything is right with the world.

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