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The AcesIn twenty-five minutes, Gigi passed into the MaricopaCounty. Chandler looked like New York City compared to Tucson. Chandler had lights, four-lane highways, and the music on the radio was more up-to-date. When Gigi entered the city, she felt alive and wished she never moved to the boring city of Tucson, where people believed they were still living in the 1800s when the cowboys and Indians were in fashion. She drove to Rachel’s townhouse and parked next to her car.

“We’re here. See, we made it in forty-five minutes,” Gigi said.

Carey smiled, Philip walked out of the truck like a zombie, and Peter threw up outside.

“That’s driving. Sometimes when I drive in Germany, I pick up the speed. You’re a good driver,” Carey said.

“Thanks,” Gigi said with a smile. One of her dreams was to drag race trucks, SUVs, and cars.

Gigi looked over at Peter and asked, “Are you okay?”

“When I’m in the car with you, please don’t drive like that. You’re a maniac.”

“Okay, old man,” Gigi teased.

Gigi saw how Peter was looking at her and she knew he meant business, but Gigi had to laugh at him. When he first arrived on the media scene he was the wild boy, playboy, the freak in the spotlight, now since he was adding meaning to his life, he was calm and didn’t take chances anymore.

Gigi walked to Rachel’s house and they followed her.  She opened the door as if she owned the place and Rachel’s daughter was sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Hi, sweet pea,” Gigi said to the girl.

“Auntie!” the girl shouted. The girl ran toward Gigi and Gigi picked her up.

“Rachel, Peter needs to borrow your bathroom.”

“Fine,” Rachel yelled from the back of the house.

“Peter, the bathroom is down the hall on your right,” Gigi directed. “Carey and Philip, you can sit on the couch.”

Carey inspected Rachel’s house and noticed that it wasn’t the cleanest. There were stains on the carpet, food and crumbs on the throw blanket, and food stuck to the glass coffee table. Carey signaled Gigi to come closer to him and asked, “How many children does Rachel have?”


Carey’s mouth opened wide and Philip just laughed.

“What are you laughing about?” Rachel asked, coming into the room.

“You have five dang kids?” Philip asked.

“Shut up about my children, at least I know their fathers and they don’t have your disease,” Rachel said to Philip.

Philip looked at her without emotion. He sat back on the couch like a lump of coal.

Gigi laughed while holding the youngest of Rachel’s children in her arms. While she played peek-a-boo with the girl, Carey saw a different side of Gigi altogether.

Peter walked out of the bathroom and saw Gigi holding the girl. The scene reminded him of his wife and kids. He sat between the two actors.

“You want to hold her?” Gigi asked Peter.


Gigi handed over the girl to Peter and she sat on Peter’s lap.

“You boat guy,” the three year old said to him.


Carey and Peter talked to the little girl while Philip watched a movie. He realized that he was watching a movie that he starred in.

“See guys, I can act,” Philip said to everyone in the room.

They stared at the television for a moment and then started to talk with the girl again, ignoring Philip.

Gigi went toward the back of the house where the kitchen was located. “Girl, what’s up?” Gigi asked.

“You tell me. Boyfriend is with you,” Rachel said, while Gigi sat on the stool at the table. “So, do you like him?” Rachel asked.


“Yes, you do. You hesitated. You do,” Rachel insisted.

“He lives in England.”

“So, he can move to Arizona. My kids can call him Uncle Carey. You two can baby-sit my demon kids. Uncle Carey, I like the ring to that,” Rachel teased.

“Shut up. You know who I’m in love with,” Gigi said.

“He’s not going to come around. You can wish all you want. He likes you, but he’s not man enough.”

“Like your last baby’s daddy?” Gigi questioned.

“Girl, I told you that was a mistake, but I got a good-looking child out of it. Maybe Uncle Carey can put his new nieces and nephews in movies.”

“Carey doesn’t like me, okay?” Gigi said, becoming irritated with her friend. She had been doing this since the banquet. Now, since Carey was in her living room, she had to go beyond the call of duty.

“Yes, he does. Think about it, after you insulted him, he still came running after you. He has fame, money, and I think he’s the type of man who will treat you right. I’m going to tell you damn straight and I mean what I say, you don’t deserve to have another Shawn in your life. You deserve better.”

“You’re right, but I’m scared to enter into another relationship. I’m afraid it will end up the same way it did with Shawn,” Gigi confessed.

“Baby, just fall in. Fall in.”

Gigi knew she was right. Shawn was a piece of work that she dealt with for six years. During the six years, she was in mental pain, cried a lot, wanted to die, and was a miserable person to herself. She thought that if she was still in the relationship, things would change, but as the saying goes, a woman can’t change a man.

The two girls walked into the living room. “Mommy, I’m playing with the boat guys,” the little girl said.

“I see you,” Rachel said sweetly.

“See, I’m in the movie,” Philip said to Rachel while pointing to the TV.

Rachel looked at him and remembered that he wasn’t all there in the brain. “Yes, Philip. You are in the movie. Good boy.”

Philip’s famous smile appeared on his face and he wanted everyone in the room to look at him on the TV set.

“Philip, we need to go,” Gigi said.

“No, I want to watch myself,” Philip said, sulking. “Who’s going to take care of the girl?” Peter asked.

“I’m going to take her to the babysitter’s. His house is on the way.”

“Rachel, he’s not coming?” Gigi asked, like there was no one in the room.

“No, he has to work,” Rachel said with a smile.

“You’re telling me he trusts you to go to a club with me and some actors? Are you telling me that?”

“Yes, I am. Now let’s go. Get to steppin’,” Rachel told everyone.

“Gigi, please don’t speed,” Peter pleaded.

“Yes, Dad.”

The group walked out into the parking lot where the cars were parked.

“Rachel, watch where you step. Peter threw up near your car,” Gigi warned.

“He couldn’t handle it in his old age,” Rachel said.

“Stop it you two,” Peter yelled.

Peter, Carey, and Philip got into the truck and Rachel and her daughter got into her car. Rachel drove off and Gigi followed her.

“She has five kids and she looks like that?” Carey asked.

“She’s a cool mother. Her kids respect her because she tells them her mistakes that she made in life. When I first met her, she told me that she had kids; I didn’t believe her. She looks young and she’s still thin,” Gigi said.

“She’s a black mommy.  Juicy black mommy,” Philip said.

Gigi looked at him in her rear view mirror. He smiled back and blew her a kiss.

Gigi continued to follow Rachel to a section of Tempe. They drove into a parking lot.

“Who lives here?” Carey asked.

“My boyfriend,” Gigi said.

“I thought you didn’t have a boyfriend?” Carey asked.

“You’ll see.”

Gigi and the actors followed Rachel and her daughter into the elevator onto the third floor. They walked down an outside hallway overlooking the parking lot. Rachel rang the doorbell and waited. The door cracked and she said, “We have company.”

“Who?” the person at the door asked.

…more to come as always! Enjoying the story? Tell us what you like!


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