Free Jazz & Poetry Listen!

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Poetry by Natasha Ramsey, Wonderful Humans
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Want to hear the newest collaboration between the talented musician Kim J (Kim Jenkins) and yours truly, Natasha Ramsey?

Just let me know you’ve read this blog post by commenting on any poetry piece on my blog (you can filter by the “poetry” category), or by letting me know what you think of my “Hungover Poet” book on and I’ll email you a password to the post that contains the link to take a listen!

This is original music by Kim J – trust me, this woman will BLOW YOUR EARS!! She plays 13 instruments and has a range of styles. My piece, “Jumping Fences” can be found in “Hungover Poet” if you’d like to follow along.

Hope to hear from you and can’t wait to get your feedback on this collaboration!!








Peace and Love,


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