So I’m stuck between a rock and page fifty-two. Okay, not literally but I figure if I’m having these thoughts and issues, other people may be having the same questions and issues too.

So, when is it okay to decide to $ell your art (music, poems, stories, etc.) instead of giving it away? Why? Because I have more than enough random poems (written with a few audio pieces set to music) to fill more than one book. How is this a problem? Well, while my first book (yay my name in print in yet another format!) did relatively well on the e-book circuit on amazon, I felt that the marketing aspects (aka begging online via social media, email, or just plain ole asking you to buy my book in person), are not enjoyable, nor is it what I like doing.

There, I said it! I don’t like asking anyone for anything – including asking you to buy my book. It just feels odd to me – to ask someone to $hell out money (hard earned or easily gained) for my thought$. I figure if I say, “Hey, my book is published on amazon”, and the person wants to $upport me, they’ll ask for the link or go out and buy it. Yes, this is my pipe dream. I also realize that closed mouths don’t get fed. However, it still feels hella weird to ask someone to buy my thoughts.

That being said, “Have you bought my thoughts?” If so, THAAAAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUUUUU!! If not, click the link below and if you choose to fork over the buck$, let me know what you think! I absolutely love hearing opinions on what I’m sharing – good or bad.

Natasha’s e-book, “Hungover Poet” on


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