Be Brave!

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Rocks in my path, Wonderful Humans
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I’ll be the first to admit that by all standards, I’m not a big Sara Bareilles fan but recently, I’ve been addicted to her song, “Brave”. From all accounts on a variety of music stations, charts and even the Windows commercial, other people are loving this song as well. I’ll also admit that I don’t blog about songs as I’d never be able to stop writing because my love of music is right up there with reading and well, I do have stuff to do like live, work, eat, drink (not necessarily in this order of course, or we all know where food and drink will rank).

So why do I like this pop song? How is it different than any other song that I’m putting on repeat and blasting into my ears at this time? Maybe I’ve just been in a lighter place emotionally and feel okay with exploring this side of my brain. Of course I still write about deep, dark and twisted stuff, but once it’s all down on paper, I can easily go on to light fluffiness with hope that everyone will be loving, kind, accepting of others and just one big ball of brave! Oh, and don’t think there aren’t very strong contenders for my repeated cycle of play that cover songs that are strong on beats, style, and lyrics, etc.. My recent crazy ass playlist (yes, named exactly that), include Beyonce’s “Drunk in love” and Mackelemore’s “White Walls” (for beats), Common’s “War” and Lupe Fiasco’s “Old School love” (for lyrics), Redlight King’s “Bullet in my hand” and Eminem’s “Bezerk” for style but at this time, they still fall a little short on my feelgoodness response to being brave and conquering the world while being proud of who you are!

Not sure you like the song? Don’t think you would since it’s a poppy feelgood doohicky? Or do you agree? Whatever your opinion on this is, here’s a link to “Brave” if you’re interested in a little poppy goodness to make you want to show me “how big your brave is!”.

Brave by Sara Bareilles:

Credits: (Sara Bareilles’ website)

  1. […] (and I have many, I know), this spoken word piece set to a beat will hopefully inspire you to be brave, stand out from the crowd and above all, just BE YOURSELF. […]

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