Sharing an excerpt from my book, “Hungover Poet” which is available here (

Texting ©
by Natasha Ramsey 

He texted me at 3 AM

I woke my sleepy head.

When did 3AM become the new midnight?

Is this man unstable?

When did I tell him I would become available

at 3 AM? I looked at the message,

“I need to see you”, it read.

Groggily I wiped sleep from my eyes

fondly remembering yesterday when he sat on the bench next to me

and texted a message followed by an “LOL”

I wondered, if you can sit next to me and text me,

Why can’t you talk out loud to me?

Another beep, another message, “Text me back if you ‘wake, or better yet

if you’re in bed can I join you there?” This one was followed by a wink and a smile.

He must have thought it necessary to be witty.

After all offering to bed someone just cannot be expressed

with only a few words in a text message,

It must be followed by several emoticons as well.”

Want the rest of the poem?

Read more of “Hungover Poet” which is available here and please let me know what you think! 

Audio sample version from 2009:


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