Support Baltimore Girls via indiegogo

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Wonderful Humans
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A social media friend sent me a link to a campaign raising funds for “Baltimore Girls”, and what better way, other than wonderful cold, hard cash 🙂 is there to support than to share the campaign via other aspects of social media. Check out the description from the campaign below and support if you can! We need to continuously lift our youth and show that there’s hope for everyone, no matter where you’re from, what you’ve been through, etc.!

Peace, Natasha

“BaltimoreGirls is an anthology of the lives of approximately 7 women and their life experiences attempting to overcome many of the obstacles that women living in Baltimore face.  Each woman has a story dealing with loneliness, isolation, fear, self-esteem, family, suicidal thoughts, seeking love, identity, abandonment, choices, coming out, pregnancy, and pursuit of happiness – embodied by every woman’s tale.  They are the stories of real people finding their own beauty and identity and creating their own sense of self-empowerment and social development.  “BaltimoreGirls” is designed to educate and inspire those seeking to overcome obstacles in their own lives.  This thought provoking array of works will have you amazed and wanting more. 

The “Baltimore Girls” Exhibition is intended to become a travelling art collection and will tour venues locally and throughout the country.  We recognize we need the support of our community to make this vision a reality.  Won’t you please contribute to breathe life into this most important work of art?  We and the National Kidney Foundation need your support.  We have provided several incentives to encourage you to give and give generously.  Please review them and make your contribution as all contributions are appreciated.  Don’t forget to aid us by sharing this link with your friends, family, and organizations you think may have an interest in this most important work.  There is also a sponsorship package available to groups and organization that would like to partner with us to aid in making this event a success. The funds will be used for the venue, enlarging and printing pictures,video production, photographers,marketing and promotional materials,caterer, lighting/display,art supplies and more!…. Your support is greatly appreciated!!!”–4


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