Sometimes, okay, a lot of times I don’t like to admit that I have fears, worries and in many ways, I’m fragile. Why? I’m an artist. Yes, sometimes I get super sensitive (or at least what passes as “sensitive” these days) but then at other times, I go into my inner Buddhist child-self and become the most chill of people (again, another assessment of my self from others). Why? Because when I put pieces of myself out there, I admit that it hurts a little when critics and others pick it apart and while I’m not on the scale of most writers to have large numbers of critics, I have read and heard stuff about my writing that stings. Why does it get to me? I guess I’m sensitive about my shit.


I’m living life on my terms.

Writing gives me wings

and a platform upon which

I preach my truth.

Writing is safe

Writing lets me vent,

There’s no judgement on paper.

Words matter so take a seat and be quiet.

The mic’s on and I’m feeling inspired.”

(excerpt from a newer piece of mine: 2014)


On that sensitive note, I recently connected with the song, “Fragile” by Tech N9ne (feat. Kendrick Lamar, MAYDAY and Kendall Morgan) for some reason. No, not because of the genre, or artists themselves because I’m not huge fans of any of them, I just happen to like some of their stuff from time to time…but…the feel, beat and lyrics…I felt it when Tech N9ne said, “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit”.

Check it out. What do you think?


  1. Lisa says:

    You preach your truth. Oh yeah! I love that!

    • Thanks Lisa! I try 🙂 and succeed or rather, feel free to be me because there are more people like you who appreciate thoughts and discourse than those who do not.

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