Feminism under attack?

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Pushing my buttons!
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When did being a feminist become a bad thing? As I read regular news articles I’ve gotten a whiff of obnoxious comments about women, their worth and value, usually as seen through the eyes of men, as well as from blogs, personal and entertainment-based websites along with a few other buzzfeedy styled quizzes and for-grins entertainment style write-ups. I see the word “feminist” being used as if it is this horrible beast about to gobble up men, sanity, our sense of common sense and our lives as we know it! Why?

What is causing this shift in mindset? Or maybe the mindset was never there to begin with…? I admit that I may be quicker to argue points about why we should, or why we should not be feminists with a male, but this shift that I’m seeing is also from women. Yes, my own kind! The kicker? These are some of the same women who are paid less than a male for doing the SAME job as a male. A couple of people who wondered out loud in ink asked why feminism existed. These women argued that if society removed the rape culture that exists, a culture which unfairly makes women afraid of men, we as a nation would be better off. How crazy is that? Women aren’t afraid of, or encouraging a rape culture! I should be able to walk down the street bare assed naked and not be touched against my will. Sure, you can look as I am naked in this scenario, but don’t mistake that for willingness to be touched or fondled without my consent. Shouldn’t we teach boys to not attack anyone instead of attacking groups of women who want to protect other women, while ensuring they earn a fair wage and have the same political opportunities as a man does?

Is it a bad thing to want social, political and economic equality for everyone? It most certainly is not!

Why can’t we as humans, want the best for ourselves and each other? For example, if a man’s wife earns the same income as he does, isn’t that a good thing for the family unit as a whole? What about the expectations that a girl will have of her future husband? Shouldn’t she see that both her parents are contributing to a healthy and happy household which would in turn help her choose a mate that is just as supportive and loving?

I dare say homes that promote and encourage equality among children regardless of gender, as well as the adults regardless of job or income, etc. Will put forth some of the best people in our world. Shouldn’t we do our best to welcome them instead of building more walls with weak arguments for and against feminism and equality as a whole? Why can’t we just love, nurture, respect and appreciate what both men and women have to offer? And if you still think women have less worth and less to offer the world, try conceiving your babies without them, try having intimate relationships without them, and try living in a world without them. Then, when you realize that you’re in a sad, sad world, remind me why you are against equality for all.

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