Questions I’ve asked myself today as I scratched the crudely formed words on my phone’s screen with my camera’s drawing tool:

Are my dreams dying a little, day by day, in my workplace? If so, what am I doing to stop that from happening? Or am I allowing this to happen?

Does my workplace fuel my creativity and energy to be the true me? If not, did it ever? Am I lying to myself because I’ve gotten used to the paycheck?

Even if my workplace doesn’t actively foster my creativity and feed my soul with dark chocolate, caramel and grand marnier flavored nuggets of joy, does it at least let me go after the workday is over, to chase my creative goals? If not, am I using my paychecky laced lifestyle to crush my own damn dreams? Hell, do I still have a dream…?

Do you? How do you nurture and encourage your dream(s) to continue growing when you too, are used to the paychecky comfort that comes from a corporate dreamkiller?

  1. brotheradam says:

    Dream on Weary Traveler.

    © 2001 by Adam Turnage III

    Welcome word of rescue for the lone and weary traveler

    Pressing forward bravely through continued opposition

    Hopes and aspirations resting softly on a dream

    A delicate balance-endangered

    By the constant threat of failure fear and setbacks

    Things once firmly in your loving grasp

    Now billow out of reach like wisps of smoke

    That dissipate and punctuate your losses

    The plaintive cries of Langston Hughes

    Disrupt the former quiet of your spirit

    Lamenting the fate of the dream deferred

    Prompting you to consider the fate of the dreamer

    Welcome word of rescue sent to redirect your course

    From the angst of your soul to the rapture of your spirit

    Resolve conflicting evidence

    Illuminate confusion and know

    Your heart was never set nor charted in illusion

    Never dismiss your dream nor lightly regard it

    As a flight of fancy diversion or pastime

    The dream is an endowment

    A sacred trust

    An embryo encased in the nurturing fluid of

    Faith desire and urgency

    To be rehearsed and affirmed

    To be pronounced and declared

    To be solidified and made tangible

    The dream

    A setup for a blessing

    A direct deposit from God

    Not to bring on impatience or frustration

    But that He might come in

    And perform it in your life

    The dream

    A more dramatic way to send His word to you

    To set a mark before you toward which to press

    And keep a date with destiny

    Welcome word of rescue to propel you toward that destiny

    Know how God defines Himself as He speaks

    And that His will and His word are

    One and the same

    And that the worlds are framed and ordered by that will

    Come to know God

    His heart His mind His will

    Tap into relationship instead of provision

    His heart and mind instead of His blessings

    And manifest the dream

    Based on the truth of His word

    And based on who He is

    Make relationship your focus

    Discover how God’s works are inseparable from His being

    Expect to be healed because God is your healer

    Every need is fulfilled

    Because God is your provider

    And concerning your dreams

    The passion and desire you build around them

    Brings them into being

    As God brings about a defining moment of glory

    As He opens His hand

    And satisfies the desire of every living thing

    Become one with the word

    Declare it in your life

    And act upon it

    And witness your life transforming from hope

    To the realm of manifestation

    Welcome word of rescue for the lone and weary traveler

    Trust in God

    Seize hold of your dreams

    Head toward the mark

    And dream on weary traveler

    Dream on!

  2. brotheradam says:

    Rx for the Dreamer (for my Grasshopper)

    !. Rise up…EARLY in the morning…EVERY morning…before opposing forces mount an offensive.

    2. SOW an investment into the dream…EARLY in the morning…EVERY morning…sow time, talent, and tears…NOW is the time to cry…when you sow in tears, you reap in joy! Do something every morning to take the dream out of the abstract corners of your mind and make a graphic representation to keep before your eyes. Write the vision…MAKE THE PLAN…every part of the process, and set a mark before you toward which to press and keep a date with destiny. It’s in the poem, Grasshopper…lol…

    3. REHEARSE the dream…EARLY in the morning…EVERY morning…release it into the atmosphere, transform it from a fantasy to a scheduled event.

    4. LIVE the dream…the vision shall speak and not tarry….you’ll find that you weren’t just waiting and twiddling thumbs, but you were an active participant as opportunity intersects with preparation.

    Love your gift…love you too…BAM!

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