Don’t Label Me.

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Pushing my buttons!, Rocks in my path
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In large part, the article below helps to shed light on why I will not agree with certain categorizations for myself, and partly why I despise what is included in small talk and whatever’s considered one step up from small talk.

So many people are afraid to ask bold, meaningful questions. Instead, they’ll take the comfortable yet oh-so-boring path and ask category-based questions in an attempt to determine friend or foe. Such a lazy and unimaginative approach! Why not go for the gusto and say what you think about one particular subject instead of bundling the thought with that particular categorization’s baggage and conceptions? For example, if I say I’m Republican, does that mean I automatically hate President Obama and am against the recent immigration reform he put forth? If I say I’m Buddhist, does that mean I renounce all of Christianity’s teachings? Do you see how these labels and categorizations can bring with it other aspects that may or may not be “thing”. You know, the baggage that comes with that particular label.

Raven Symone recently took a lot of her for saying she didn’t want to be labeled. Granted she did not explain it well but that was the gist of her thoughts. And boy oh boy did she take a social media arse whopping!! Some black people thought she wasn’t a proud black woman and some gay people thought she wasn’t a proud gay woman and some feminists thought she wasn’t a proud feminist. Poor lil thing. She meant well but we all know how kind *extreme eye roll* social media can be.

But not to digress. This is not about a former Cosby show lil superstar who can’t have her wayor explain her way out of that kerfluffle. This is about those who see religion and race as defining factors. To you I ask, What Would Jesus Do? What would your religious leader encourage?

Would he or she or whomever guides your spiritual path want you to love all humans as they are created or put labels on them so that when you see them you can avoid them or form opinions based on their life’s choices (that may or may be accurate)? Think about it.

If you truly believe your religious leaders would encourage division among humans, maybe you should take some time to ask yourself why. Oh and be honest about your thoughts. I know honesty can be tough but we really should not lie to ourselves. 

Full credit to NPR for the article below published Dec. 08, 2014:
NPR Blog: What if Atheists were Defined by Their Actions

(or copy and paste this link of you have trouble opening the link above):


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