Four Positive Points: State of the Union Recap

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Pushing my buttons!, Rocks in my path, Wonderful Humans
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I realize I may be in agreement with some and in the minority line of opinions for others regarding my comments and opinions on the State of the Union (#SOTU) in the U.S. If you feel I am, one way or another, oh well, that’s life. If you agree, great, looking forward to a wonderful conversation. If not, great, looking forward to a wonderful conversation. If you despise my opinions, that’s okay too because it means I’m most likely not talking about, or to you.

So on with it! The following are important to me but they’re not listed in order of priority. Why not? Because I want you to find the one that’s most important to you and find a way to support it. None apply to you? Hmmm, then maybe we really aren’t friends. Either way, we should have a conversation.

1. I don’t know many people who went to community college for free so yes, I’m happy about that option for many going forward, as announced by President Obama as an option for states to adopt. If you are scowling and grunting about how, “so many people get free community college classes already”, or “what us already in debt” this is a part of life. Be glad you’re living among the educated, got it free or had the opportunity to quality to get a loan, and move on. Ain’t nobody got time for your gripes. Yes, I have student loans out the wazoo and this benefot wouldn’t benefit me directly. However, two years of free college education is a good start and very helpful for many. Did someone whisper “how about four years free”? One can dream! Or move to Germany.

2. In spite of the horrible acts of brutality and murder of citizens by those sworn to protect and serve, and in spite of the horrible racism that permeates many communities, I believe that one day we will become better humans through understanding, acceptance, and love. “I still believe that we are one people. I still believe that together, we can accomplish great things, even when the odds are long”. #SOTU

3. “The best measure of opportunity is access to a good job.”. Anyone who has been unemployed with a family to care for, and bills to pay will understand the importance of this – a good job, or hell, A job! Don’t tell me that you don’t care whether or not you have a good job unless you’re born into generational wealth or in an asylum.

4. A woman should be paid the same amount as a man for doing the same job. #SOTU. Men, isn’t it better to have a stable financial future with your female partner who can help support a family, if you both agree she will work? Isn’t it great to have your female partners bringing home a sweet check? Golf memberships, school fees, tuition, luxury car payments and all of that manscaping isn’t cheap. If not, and you prefer a woman who earns less than you do even if she does the same job as you or worse yet, does more work than you do, I’d like yo know why. Also, has anyone called you a Neanderthal? Just curious. Equal pay for equal work is a must. Can you tell that this issue is near and dear to my heart?

This was only a snippet of topics discussed during the President’s State of the Union. While there are many other aspects I enjoyed, I’m content to wet your whistle just enough for you to be intrigued.

For those criticizing the 2015 State of the Union speech (#SOTU), know that this queer, immigrant brown girl will hold on to the American dream that some of you have given up on. I need to. It’s not perfect but nothing is. “A brighter future is ours to write.” #SOTU

Link: President Obama’s State of the Union transcript


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