Awake: Beginnings (sneak peeking into a new category)

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Awake
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Natasha as a kid with ugly doll

Natasha Ramsey ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Ugly doll that creeped me out as illustrated by the expression on my face!

Welcome to “Awake“. Being awake is how I want to live, and what I fought so hard to become. I hope you join me on this journey of sharing my awakened state and I truly hope that you share your journey(s) with me as well! Life’s more interesting when we live it with others.

This is the first in a series of (mostly) thoughts about life that will be short and to the point. Who has time for nonsense and extra wordery, anyway?

Part 1:

As a child, I would scribble on napkins, the backs of school books and sometimes inside of them (don’t worry, we purchased our school books so this was not being a delinquent), on the white envelopes that letters and bills were mailed in, and unfortunately, sometimes on the return envelopes that you’re supposed to use when you mail those bill payments back.I would also be known to stick my head into books and let my mind run away on adventure after adventure and forget to do homework, chores, or practice my piano and guitar playing. Truthfully, I may not have really forgotten…but that’s not important right now. Writing and already written books were my escapes out of everyday life.

There were so many people and thoughts and random stuff in my head that I needed a way to get them out. Every now and again I’d try and purge it all by doing a brain dump of all of my thoughts onto paper. Back then, I never wrote for others to read. In fact, I destroyed most of it so that it wouldn’t be found. Trust me, if a parent or teacher read some of the stuff I wrote as a kid, I may not be lucid or alive today to write anything!

Besides, as a child (when T-Rexes roamed the earth and a “selfie” meant something very different than it does today!) my teachers and parents never suggested or spoke of being a writer or a professional reader (i.e. an editor, etc.) as actual jobs. It’s as if all of the books in my house and on school shelves were written by mystical creatures and that writing and editing and copywriting, etc. weren’t actual jobs. What’s even odder is the importance that was placed on reading. I was allowed to read almost anything I wanted as books were good. However, TV shows were in limited supply. Maybe it explains my obsession with written words in any medium and always craved being a writer but again, that’s not important right now.

The main point of sharing this, is because in my Island home with a relatively comfortable life, it was a well known fact. If you were not striving to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a business owner, you really weren’t striving.


Today’s good vibe share is “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. Thank you for stopping by. What’s your journey? What’s your good vibe share? 

  1. Leslie Jay says:

    Nice post, Natasha. (The doll does look a little ghostly.)

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