Tell It Tuesday! 4 Things to Stop Doing on Social Media now

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Humor, Tell it Tuesday
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1: STOP telling me what I should and shouldn’t share on social media.

none to give credit to giphyIt’s called “SOCIAL MEDIA” for a reason. What you may consider your snarky, biting, witty, quippy, uber intelligent remarks, comments, articles, vines, tweets, tumblr notes, Facebook statuses, Instagram memes, and whatever else is being shared is not necessary. Why? Social media tools and sites are designed to encourage the sharing of information, ideas, opinions, photos, political thoughts, outrage, etc. As humans, these thoughts and opinions will come with some prejudice, some bias, and maybe evne some depressing sh!t on bad days. But to think, no correct that, to have the gall to post a status or meme or whatever telling me what I should think, feel, like, share, or comment on, is not for anyone to decide. It’s my choice. And yes, it’s not a democracy. You can block or curse people out as you wish when they comment at you rudely. And yes, you can also post naked ass photos of your hoohah as you wish. It’s your right to do with your life as you wish, as I will with mine.

2: STOP Trolling.

troll credit to giphyA troll, or troll hole as I like to call it, is when you take your opinion (validated, invalidated, racist, righteous, etc.) and hurl it at other people by attacking them personally, and actively trying to start fights by saying or sharing things that are offensive in an attempt to get a rise out of them and make them unhappy or uncomfortable.

Here’s a mild illustration:

Happy Human: Ooh, look at my sexy boyfriend.

Troll Hole: Die you ass licking fuck3r!

Happy Human: Oh myyyyy*, why so angry?

Troll Hole: Fags will burn in hell *insert some other angry rhetoric, a bible quote, or a sentence so poorly created with horrific grammar and spelling that it makes your eyes burn here*

Happy Human: Ugh, get off my page, you hateful asshole! *this person may then insert some gay ass comment just to annoy the troll hole or someone who is a friend of the happy human may step in at this point and point out and laugh at the flaws in the troll hole’s sentence structure, etc.*

Hopefully, you get the point. Look, if you don’t like an opinion, that’s fine. You may also feel free to state your opposing views on your own page (see ONE above). However, being a troll hole is not allowed.

3: STOP sharing things on social media that you wouldn’t want your employers, or mothers, to know about you.

sexy homer credit to giphy

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING in cyberspace is sacred or secret. Sure, snapchat messages may “disappear” but not really. Screenshots and saved messages live on forever. Yes, in #1 I admit saying that if you want to post pics of your junk and spooge all over the interwebs, feel free to do so, unless you don’t want your momma, aunty, drunk uncle Jerry, or your executive director  and coworkers to see it. If you’re cool with airing it all out, pun intended, then post away my friends! And grrrr… 😉

Also, for the more techie side of things, you really should read some of those disclaimers you happily click “agree” on when using apps and websites. The universal “they” know everything about you. Don’t believe me? Google it. Or just ask your local trendy techie. 🙂


4. STOP Holding back on encouragement and love and good energy!

barry stinson high five credit to giphyWe all need a lil encouragement, a push/shove/gentle kick in the right direction at times. Remember that the world is big but it’s made smaller, friendlier and more accessible when we interact and spread love. Hate hurts. Love heals. Social media tools and sites can be used to to unite us, help us understand the true feelings of others, provided they show themselves for who they really are online, and can build bridges to cultures and people we may never be able to meet in person. Use it wisely and funnily and happily ever after. Connect with people who have similar interests and opinions only if you find the depressingly negative people too much to stomach. If you find yourself being demotivated instead of being uplifted, do to social media what you would (or should!) do to in-person conversations and “in real life” friends – kick ’em to the curb! Be kind to yourself and to others. We’re all fighting some kind of demon, battle, or maybe in-law. 😉









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  1. The Little Butch That Could (TLBTC) says:

    Sound advice. Cheers.

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