Bitch and Moan but Everything Stays the Same

Posted: February 1, 2015 in Pushing my buttons!
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Deflate-gate, deflated balls, millions sunk into the Super bowl, and a whole lot of “sportsing talk” with empty catch phrases, circular references and statements that would make even Captain Obvious cringe.

Does repetitive cheating accusations require that those accused of cheating be investigated in the NFL? No. Do reports of violence get truly investigated when those accused are valuable professional athletes? No. Why? Because it seems that blind patriotism, capitalism, and the facade that we are a great nation united as one under a pigskin is more important than free speech, fairness and justice. It also seems that making money on the Superbowl event is more important than ensuring fair play between teams. Great message to send to your children, isn’t it? Yes, I just went there with the line of questions.

I’ll admit that I was a fan of American football and yes, I’ll admit I still watch it from time to time. I’ll even admit to loving the other football aka soccer and yes, that pro sport also has many issues. But now, I’m addressing the NFL in light of the New England Patriots’ win, even after the dispute about possible shenanigans. I’m also addressing the topic because of the extreme patriotism I’ve noticed being promoted in not only the spirit of football, but in the commercials during the super bowl, etc. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It is an observation.

But seriously, why? Most agree thay the NFL is a deeply flawed money making giant. They’re not supporting the needy, the government, or taking care of homeless veterans. Hell, they’ve been called out on their unwillingness to take care of their own football veterans who have been, and who are still fighting multiple diseases due to being crunched and tackled one umpteen million times for the sake of the game with little care or compensation now that their careers are officially over!

Also, let’s not forget the numerous accounts of deplorable and despicable acts, for which several who play pro sports have admitted guilt but then given free passes and absolvement for over the years.

Sure, I enjoy playing sports and think it is important to have sports and physical activities in schools, but at this point in my life, I refuse to support pro athletes and hope more people will feel the same. And before you ask, no, I don’t think sports lovers are dumb or wasting time. We all have hobbies and if watching sports is your thing, then do your thing.

However, the blind worship of athletes, and the millions paid to them to play poorly, or selfishly (think of those who who play a team sport with the focus being only on two letters in the word “team”, which are “M and E”, Kobe!), is proof of our fading humanity.  For those who admit guilt and involvement in horrific acts, I am not only devastated and disappointed. I am saddened by how fickle, forgetful and forgiving we as a nation, are. It seems we’ve created this playing field in which it’s okay to joke about cheating, to joke about victim shaming, and to joke about violence when the jokes revolve around well compensated professional athletes. God forbid, though, if someone brings up a serious topic such as murder by those sworn to protect and serve, discrimination in any form on many levels and decades, etc. They may be accused of being too sensitive, overly dramatic, or be told to “get over it”, to “move on already”, and to be appreciative of the rights they do happen to have.

Well maybe one day I will move on. But definitely not today. And most likely, not tomorrow either.


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