Are you Indie? Let’s Talk!

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Indie Ventures You Should Know About
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I’ve created a new category primarily to promote and share information about the wonderful independent authors, filmmakers, musicians and more, that I know.

Im the U.S. many cities are, or ultimately become fishbowls, with the exception of a few that are recognized as indie meccas. Thing is, some fishbowls can be welcoming and warm, but some can be cold and judge-y, thus alienating outsiders. So how do you know where to go for support, or even how to support the people doing great unsigned work? And if you go to a venue, is it warm and welcoming with patrons willing to support your venture or is everyone trying to sell their work?

The truth is, many of us independent folks tend to stick to our own circles, essentially tapping the same resources, people, and venues for support and guidance. Is this bad? Not necessarily. Is it paying off? For some.

Therefore, my goal is to shed light on as many new ventures as possible and virtually support the projects and people I believe in. I can’t literally attend every event or screening to which I’m invited so this is my way of being supportive.

If you want me to share information on your fundraiser, your projects, your books, your art, etc., email me a synopsis and all applicable links for reading, or viewing, etc. at

If you have certain timeframes you’d like to share, be sure to highlight the dates and what they are (book release, film premier, fundraising deadline, etc.).

Let’s share our good independent works with the world!


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