Tell It Tuesday: Not For You

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Tell it Tuesday
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If you don’t understand something even after you’ve tried on numerous occasions to understand it or at least gain some insight, then maybe that thing isn’t for you. Why waste your time bashing or insulting the people who get and love it? Or worse yet, those responsible for creating said confusing thing (illegal activities, injustices, and horribly behaved children excluded)?

Television producers, internet dribble gurus, and social media mockery is rampant and usually brimming with hate, and cruel “humor” about one thing or another. Is it really important? Nope! Unless you’re on someone’s payroll or suckling at a teat, why do you care if a celebrity or an artist is insulted or famous or an asshole? And okay, so maybe you care because you’d rather not support an asshole but is that really the reason? Or is the reason that we feel so left out when other people are included, or celebrated, or even paid attention to, because we desire insertion of our mundane lives into theirs?

So what if Iggy Azalea is a successful rapper? Define “success” however you want, then question the real reasons you have a problem with it and her and then address the real issues. Easier said than done? Of course. But we can’t change the world by complaining and not correcting. All talk and no action breeds more Iggy Azaleas. And who wants that?!

So what if you don’t understand Kanye West’s actions? Does he pay you to understand them or do you pay him to be artist? Also, by promoting his antics and spiking his ratings, aren’t we monetarily encouraging?

So what if you don’t understand why #blacklivesmatter is more relevant than #alllivesmatter? Okay, well we can’t fix the world in a day.

“What does Bruce Jenner’s family think of his transition?” Uhmm, who gives a flying fuck about this?

Why do I care so much about what people are intellectually ingesting? Because our digital footprint will define us for future generations. Because I still get asked by LinkedIn if I want to endorse the skills of someone who isn’t alive and someone still shares posts on a dead person’s Facebook page. I don’t get why the social media pages are still in use, but I realize this may be one of those things I just may not get…


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