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To the people who think that there really are gay agendas being pushed for the recruitment of, or encouragement of gayness in children by way of products, television shows, music, toys, etc., please grow up and smell your heteronormative privilege.

Of course I mean that figuratively. I realize when addressing sensitive topics such as say, good ole equality 😐 you must speak to everyone in the same way; as if they’re the dumbest person in the room. Why? Because heteronormativity is such a rampant and acceptable belief that many of us, self included at times, don’t understand or even realize the ignorance in everyday speak…until we do. Then, it’s oh so awkward when we do and others don’t. What is this heteronormative speak? Here are a couple of sentences for consideration.

– A woman asked, “Why is there a children’s cartoon in which a character asks, “Why isn’t it ever Romeo and Romeo?” She claimed it was not acceptable for children because they’re too young to learn about sexuality.

– I don’t want my child reading about two mums or two dads. They have plenty of time to learn about that stuff when they’re older.

These are annoying hogwash questions.

No one explains sexuality to children when there is a male and female parent. Or rather, no one except maybe pedophiles. Children do not learn about sexual anythings by seeing well adjusted human beings in families who do the same things hetero families do.

When children grow up believing and seeing no difference between a male/male and female/female relationship, then they are less likely to think it’s unusual or different or wrong when they get older.

The notions that roles and paths in life are determined by gender is incorrect and limiting. We know this because of the many years of living in male dominated societies. The idea that a gender assigned at birth will automatically dictate how you learn, the toys you play with, or your “natural abilities” is narrow and truly insane.

Why would you not want to embrace all people, no matter their gender, chosen paths and options in life, etc., i.e. why not show a little boy that it truly is okay to have two Romeos?

In short, heteronormativoty is assuming that just because you were born with a penis, you are a boy who will like girls, who will want to play with toy guns and  toy cars, will wear certain types of clothes, and who will behave in a particular manner. Why can’t we teach acceptance from an early age? It’s not as if the cartoon illustrated explicitly sexual acts (it wasn’t South Park or on Adult Swim).

However, one part of the problem is that for many narrow minded people, when they learn of, or meet a gay couple, many of them automatically start wondering about the couple’s bedroom habits. Do you do that with hetero couples immediately? If so, does that limit or change your expectations or treatment of said couple? If so, then let me be clear – YOU are the one with a problem.

Honestly, wouldn’t you want to teach love of all humans to your children, even the boys who will love girls, the girls who will love boys, the boys who will love boys, etc.? Oh and if it’s your religion that you’re worried about eroding or disobeying, then I suggest you teach your children your religious beliefs. ALL aspects of your beliefs. Don’t dare pick and choose which aspects of the Bible, or any of the other holy books you’ll teach, and don’t forget to let them know about all of the other religions in the world, not just yours. While you’re at it, you may want to remind that most great leaders and religious teachers were not die-hard religion followers who were loving towards humankind.

Therefore, when healthy gay relationships are observed as just another type of family, and when queer relationships in all forms are considered normative behavior, which it is, acceptance will be taught at an early age, making the world a better and more loving one. Isn’t that a world you want to live in and leave to your children?

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