donthatemethemovie smithsonian museum

Have you always wanted to support a local, empowering cause that will benefit millions of young lives? Donna Fair and Tony Fair have created a powerful documentary that you must check out!

This dynamic duo started this project on their own time and dime and are proud to share it with the world. Why should you care? Because the lives of our young people matter. Because the self-esteem levels in several young women are unfortunately, low. Because as a race of people, we should all care about the young humans we are raising, surrounded by, and influence.

How do you help? Sign up now to attend a screening at the Smithsonian to find out more and to support this awesome documentary!

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to add it immediately to your calendar so there’s no forgetting. Yep, it’s that good – you don’t want to miss this event.

Find them online from any of the links below to get more information about this wonderful film:


Videos of inspirational quotes and more!




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