Baltimore City’s Farmers Market

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Food Review
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This is my early-in-the-season 2015 update. May do one later in the season if things change.

Seems to be more diversity in products being sold. I’ve now seen sangria, a variety of stalls with infused liquid goodness, soaps, baskets (one of which looks like it was crafted to peacefully rock baby Moses down the river), plenty of root veggies, and of course, the Breadery with all their yummy carb goodies.

So far from the Breadery I’ve had the pumpkin pecan bread which was surprisingly lighter than I thought it would be and very good because while the pumpkin taste was present it was not overwhelming.

Another positive aspect is that the newer and some of the previous vendors have friendlier faces manning the front. So look, I get that you may be a small business or that you want to focus only on selling a quality product at a reasonable rate which may mean you’re turning a profit or barely making it, who knows? It’s hard out here in these sustainable streets for quality farm products and delicious goods. Because of that, I try to cut some farmers and their “front line” folks some slack. Not this time, though. Why?

Because I’m selfish with my mood and time. Because I take it personally when I drag my sleepy Sunday ass out of my comfy bed to enjoy the experience of my farmer’s market. Yes, for me, it’s an entire experience and I choose to be surrounded by pleasant sounds, smells, and positivity. I have no time for grumbles, rudeness or vendors rushing me when there’s no one waiting behind me (yes you, older lady at the south mountain creamery who rushes with the yogurts and is condescending when I ask for a small bottle of milk. How am I to know the difference in your damn product sizes?!! Hope your day gets better because being irritable can be draining…). Anywhoooo…

The friendliness of all of the other vendors have been remarkable! Shout out to BlackSauce kitchen for their consistently super awesome biscuit stylings, Dooby’s for the most delicious cappuccino treat this morning, the Breadery for their smiles, the lady with the sweet potatoes who was kind. Oh and the young man who served up yummy curried chicken over Basmati rice was absolutely adorable and sweet. I’ll definitely stop by for his stall’s vegan dishes again as well as the others I give thanks and kudos for my awesome weekly experience.

Also, don’t forget that most of the parking lots surrounding are FREE on Sunday mornings. There’s also ample street parking but you may have to schlep a lil longer, for which your fitbit will thank you. 🙂 Just remember to take bags with comfy straps or handles so you’re not dropping your precious food all over the place, like I may or may not have done at times…:roll:

Support local businesses, Baltimore. For those who don’t understand the importance of quality food, investigate and educate yourselves. I had to learn. I believe food that’s not processed and fresh can cure most ailments. Hell, healthy and tasty treats can also cure the blues. I really believe food can kill or heal. Your choice! Eat well, friends.

  1. The Little Butch That Could (TLBTC) says:

    I can’t wait until our Farmer’s Markets open around here. Market’s are the best!

  2. Didn’t realize we were neighbors!

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