Fighting for change always brings about naysayers, distractions, and those who will tell you, with a straight face and loud voice, that your opinions on wanting changes that affect your life and the life of those you love who are being mistreated, is wrong.

Fuck them. Fuck that!

If something is wrong, fix it. If you can’t fix it right away, continue to fight day after day to fix it. Note: I’m not being incendiary. Fights come in many forms and flavors. Do I personally know or love any of the black men and women killed by police officers? No. Do I know people like them? Sadly, yes. Too many. Have I seen loved ones being searched and pulled over and not given a reason? Yes. Have I gone through it? Yes.

So what’s different about this fight from others who say that All Lives Matter? Systemic oppression. When you as a race of people, are continuously discriminated against, are ignored by the authorities when you need help, or when you are viewed as a thug in spite of being an upstanding, educated and highly sought after professional  because of the color of your skin by those who are in jobs to protect and serve, that is a problem.

When minorities riot, they’re called thugs and hooligans and niggas on social media outlets and the news networks. Are they right to riot? My opinion is no, they’re not. When white people riot, they’re called passionate and heartbroken. Are they right to riot? My opinion is no, they’re not.

Sure, I understand the frustration and anger at being fearful for your life when a political officer pulls you over – whether for a valid reason or not – and I understand how swallowing that fear and abuse can burn and swell in your belly to the point of one day vomiting up all that hate and embarrassment.

I’m sure some will say I’m wrong but I honestly have not seen many of my white friends and counterparts going through this for the years I’ve known them, nor have I seen them have to prove they belong in certain establishments, organizations, etc. And yes, I know this is all a part of the problem and not directly related to one cure. My goal here is to remind that one incident alone is not what’s causing such anger and such violent reactions.

Unaware of what’s happening? Here’s a recap from
Unarmed People of Color Killed by Police from 99-14

This post is merely to help me cut through the cobwebs in my head, and to try and shake off my fear for those I love. Why? Because my life experiences, background, and my loved ones are the ones in fear of being killed. If you don’t understand how fear and oppression works, educate yourselves and let’s have a civil discussion. Till then, enjoy whatever privilege you have (real of perceived), because honestly, white skin in America is a visible privilege. You can choose to use it for the good of humankind or stick your head in the sand and say you don’t understand what “these people are doing or hoping to accomplish”. What you choose to do with your position of power is up to you.

Don’t believe a minority who says it? Maybe you’ll believe it coming from a popular white male, then, as he reminds you “get killed just for living in your American skin…”
Here’s a link to “41 Shots” by Bruce Springsteen:

41 Shots – Bruce Springsteen

Stay safe, friends.



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