Masterful Mouthfeels

Posted: May 10, 2015 in Awake, Humor, Wonderful Humans
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Wine and whiskey:


Wine and whiskey:

I realized recently that if you don’t go with the societal flow wherever you live, or are different in your way of thinking than those in your social media, your friends or work companions, then you may become…me.

I don’t celebrate Christmas, yet I acknowledge its a cherished day by most in my circle of family and friends. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so there goes that usual feast. Now, I also don’t celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, among others.

Hell, the only celebrations I really get into are the birthdays of my loved ones because I’m happy they’re in my life and sometimes now, those are either not wanted for a myriad of reasons from not celebrating to denial of getting older to life commitments that require more urgent attention. So what’s a girl to to do?

Well, the ole book of face, twitster land, instaselfie, etc are digested in short capfuls on those days, while wine and whiskey are in heavy rotation after at least midday. Oh, alright, maybe midmornig if my coffee is Irish.

Does it help? Yes! But not usually on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. But on the day that Christians believe Jesus was born or resurrected, or on Divali and Eid-ul-fitr, etc. it most certainly does. Why? Maybe because I find things to do to keep me entertained and occupied and I’m now more comfortable with self. But mostly because I have family and friends who really should be celebrating their special days of parenthood or religion and I don’t want to be the downer in the bunch.

Besides, Jesus enjoyed wine as many parents do. So who am I to deny the masses in need of a good stiff pour?

Oh and and don’t go feeling sorry for me. If you’ve read older posts, know that I (think) I’ve grown, and more importantly, I found a new and rewarding role to ensure that those who are celebrating, enjoy their day. In a nutshell, I ensure that my loved ones are not thirsty. And no, not *that* kind of thirsty, you freaks. *side eye* (urban dictionary search time for those not I’m the know)

I find that making my way in the world requires fortitude and strength. And well, wine and whiskey is both filling and strong.

So cheers, everyone! Hope your day is a sloshingly masterful mouthfeel of awesomeness!

Celebrate all that life has to offer.



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