10 Things to Remember

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Awake, Pushing my buttons!, Rocks in my path, Tell it Tuesday


During the past few weeks, I have faced the loss of my best four legged friend, and if that weren’t enough, I’ve been dealing with a health issue which is thankfully, at this time, non-life threatening. Many have gone through stuff worse than this and have survived. I know I will too. As I try to cope, I’ve been thinking about the following ten things:

10. It’s easy to say no to people who do not enhance your life and who do not matter.
9. A job that doesn’t feed your soul is a distraction. If it doesn’t help to heal or make you feel more whole, it’s time to find your passion.
8. Find your passion. Not kidding.
7. Doing things that do not fulfill your passion is a waste of time (in case you needed a stronger message).
6. If you must waste time, use it to make money to feed your passion or at least to find the path to true happiness.
5. Telling people to go to hell and offering them a free ride on a questionably located stick shift when you’re having a rough time is easy.
4. Remembering to be kind when all you want to do is tell people to go to hell and leave you alone takes strength and compassion.
3. Having a rough time and being sad is easy. It’s getting past that rough patch that’s hard.
2. Nothing lasts forever. Not love, not happiness, not sorrow, not regret, not drunkenness, not induced stupors. Neither does life.
1. Live life to the fullest. One day you’ll be dead.

Don’t think I can be more direct than that so get off your ass and go enjoy life!

  1. fleurdelisa says:

    I’m sorry about the crappy stuff that’s going on. The ten things hit the nail on the head. You’ve got it all right and I really needed this reminder. Thank you.

    • Fleurdelisa, thank you! I hope you find your joy in what matters most to you. We all deserve to be truly happy. I know I’ll find it but right now, I just have to go through the rubble, I guess…

  2. djthr3e says:

    Ok I really needed to hear this…..again…….but this time it really struck something deep inside me….this really woke me the fuck up

    • It woke me the fuck up too! I heard it before but it’s a hell of a slap when you realize that once again, you’ve strayed from the goal(s). I need to find a way to keep reminding myself of how this feels.

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