Mansplaining or Body Shaming?

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Awake, Humor
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A guy told me that I “shouldn’t dress in a masculine manner”. I assured him that I tied my neckwear, pulled on my pants, and buttoned my shirt with nothing but dainty feminine movements. As with many people who do not understand my humor (read: and are stupid), he didn’t even realize I was making fun of his comment.

Another male said to me that girls talking about a menstrual period in public is “icky”. I responded with the word, “thump” every time he said “icky”. He didn’t get it. Oh, and my crime? I asked a friend for some pain relivers because I was having cramps that felt like Satan himself organized a flash mob in my lower back.

Another dude repeatedly made snide remarks about a woman who has to use a private office, with the door closed, to pump milk for her baby since she’s breastfeeding. He said that no man wants to know what boobs are being used for if they’re not for motorboating. So my convo went as follows:

Me: You ever consider it?
Him: Motorboating?
Me: No, breastfeeding.
Him: I’m a man!
Me: Oh okay. Those 36 Cs with the rigid nips fooled me.
Him: *blank stare and stomped away*

Mansplaining? Misogyny?


Either way, while I’m not perfect, I’m learning to accept my body and myself.

Disclaimer: Oh, and I know many men who do not feel this way. To these men, I applaud and appreciate you for loving women and fighting for their rights.



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