But I Just Want to Dance!

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Pushing my buttons!, Rocks in my path, Tell it Tuesday
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I recently had a conversation with friends, yes, people I really consider friends, about going out dancing. I decided I want to go dancing because we hadn’t been partying as a group lately and my birthday is coming up. Besides, I like partying with these people for the most part.

However, trying to find a club where we’ll have a lot of music that’s great to dance to and without unwanted humans humping us is tough.

For example, I love dancehall reggae and soca but here in the east coast, going to a reggae/soca club means I’ll inevitably have guys trying to touch body parts they shouldn’t be touching. Yes, I know not every dude who goes to these clubs is Captain Creepy McHandsy, but I’ve been doing this for years and my experience is that guys wanna touch when I don’t want them to touch. When I ask them not to, some get offended and I’m not spoiling for a fight.

So, here I am, trying to figure out where to go so that my het (heterosexual) friends will have fun and where I won’t “accidentally” step on feet or punch someone in the ribs when hands wander.

It was at this point in my quest for happy feet exuberance, that I realized that my het world doesn’t mesh with my queer world. Surprise, surprise…and I was allowing it to happen!

Thinking back on it, I’m always breaking my two worlds apart because that’s just how life is, or rather, was, for me. Now, however, I’d like to have my very own “Modern Family” moment where everyone, and to be honest, it’s not that big a bunch in my het and queer worlds, to dance the night away, together, without wandering hands, questioning eyes, or paranoid panicky faces.

I realize I may have to pick a place where mostly straight people party if I want my straight friends to be comfortable. Why? Because a few already said they won’t feel comfortable being in a queer club and a couple of dudes fake jokingly said I’d have to dance with them all night long if that’s where we’re going. Never mind that my queer male friends are all in better physical shape and are very respectful of people’s space. Fear of the “others” is still very real.

Oh well, maybe the worlds will never truly mix. Or maybe I’m going about this blending all wrong. Either way, I hope to be partying somewhere, at some point, with people I love, on that special day.

Or maybe, I’ll just say eff it all and go enjoy a good ole dungeoning up as I spank some tight little butt while telling him or her how naughty he or she has been. After all, queer folks are sexual, uncontrollable fiends, aren’t we?

Oh wait, this bondage fetish now belongs to straight folks. Thanks, 50 Shades of Grey! Le sigh…



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