Habit Forming

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Awake, Rocks in my path, Tell it Tuesday
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life is a one time offer

You know what’s a hard thing to do? Realize that you have a problem or that you created a problem. Why? I’m guessing ego and pride.

You know what’s another hard thing to do? Put the ego and pride aside and work on fixing what you’d like to change.

So, with that being said, I’m setting a new goal for myself that relates to one of my favorite things to do. I will be limiting the intake and time spent doing this particular thing for a month, in an attempt to make it a habit. Or rather, make less of doing this thing, a habit. Most self-help articles I’ve read say twenty one days is the time it takes for you to make something a habit so I’m guessing a month will really make it solid. Or I’ll be ready to binge, but I hope not.

Either way, I realize that being a writer, no matter whether there’s fame associated with it or not, living like some of the old famous writers who party too much, imbibe too much, or just do everything too much, isn’t healthy and could yield an unhealthy and lonely life if things aren’t balanced. I also know that while my astrological sign says I like things to be balanced, I don’t always do a good job of balancing.

So, here’s to new habits! I hope this not only makes me healthier and ultimately, happier, I hope it reminds me that the pleasures in life are to be savored and enjoyed.

life is not a race pic


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