Trans “Phobias” – Transplanted Uterus and Transgendered Men

Posted: November 26, 2015 in Awake, Pushing my buttons!
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Some have been spewing sharing “fears” about a recent article in the New York Times about a transplanted uterus being placed into a man’s body. Ignorance is not pretty, nor is it even cute. Reminder, if the uterus is not yours, or if you are not related to said uterus, don’t be that guy (or gal). Medical procedures have been making inroads for decades and this is just another one. Oh, and spare me your tired rhetoric and don’t blame the Bible for your “fears”. Blame your ignorance. Why do you feel the need to tell others what should be done to, and with their bodies? Who made you a God?  Who appointed you to judge others? It’s simple, if you are a man and do not want to undergo medical procedures to carry and birth a baby, don’t sign up for it. You really don’t have to do anything. At all. Easy, isn’t it? It’s called minding your own business. 

All this talk about men becoming pregnant does make me wonder how this type of change could affect our society. For example, if a man can physically carry and birth a baby, will it become more acceptable and encouraged to have men become better parents where they have deeper and stronger bonds with their children, are openly nurturing, caring, and affectionate with their children, sons included, and have more respect for girls and women? Granted, there are thousands of men who possess and exhibit the wonderful,  caring qualities I’ve just described, but sadly, there are just as many or more who do not. Some even take a neanderthal-like stance and believe that it’s solely a woman’s job to be caring or nurturing, while it’s a man’s job to be hard and tough and seemingly uncaring. For the record, it isn’t. These are harmful generalities and antiquated beliefs that do nothing to enrich the minds, hearts, and souls of our young people.

On a much-related side note, if you “fear” a man will obtain a uterus and have a baby which prevents you from supporting this type of procedure without considering the women this could help, you are indeed that guy. Women who want or need a uterus deserve to receive one if it’s a viable option without someone, especially a man, railing against it.

As society moves forward with innovation, I hope antiquated beliefs fade to dark and truly hope those with prejudice and hate in their hearts are not voices of influence over children or young adults.

Lastly, here’s are two links to educate:
Link to the NY Times article discussing the procedure. 
Link to the NY Times article discussing the lengthy steps and procedures to allow men to receive a transplanted uterus and carry a baby to full term.


  1. The thing that would bother me would be rejection, and the drugs you take to avoid it. And if I were ten years younger, and could, I would do it.

    • I wish you could! We should all be able to live as we wish. *Hugs*

      You’re right, rejection would be tough on the body and spirit. I believe there’s hope in the future and hope to be alive to see it!

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