Tortured Thunder

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Awake, Rocks in my path, Writing Wednesday
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Ever get so frustrated because you want to create something but once you start, all the pieces you put together (art, eriting, song, photo, or whatever your art love is), feels like it’s not good enough? Like it’s shit? No? Me neither.

I thought once I was published I’d be happy but while searching for that publishing credit, my true happiness was found in telling stories. But that doesn’t pay the bills. That, and wallowing in some of life’s muddy, mosquito-infested water with the green bubbly slime floating on top of it. Besides, who wants to swim in slime? And what does any of this mean or stand for? Who knows? I’m just here to tell stories and be a tortured soul.

  1. Sometimes you just have to write because it releases your soul. If you write from the heart, maybe one day it will be acknowledged, and you will be rewarded just as much financially as your soul is rewarded spiritually by letting those words fly free.

  2. pamelareaves says:

    Your true happiness WILL be rewarded. Keep writing and that pivotal moment will happen. In the mean time, you are experiencing your true happiness (telling the story)

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