5 Things To Do If You Don’t Win the Lottery

Posted: January 14, 2016 in Awake, Rocks in my path

crying baby

01.  Cry.
It’s okay to admit that your hopes and dreams of owning yachts, paying off school loans, or putting your kids through college are dead. Granted, maybe temporarily, but right now at this moment, they’re not alive.

02.  Go To Work.
You know all of those snappy one-liners that you were just waiting to deliver to your boss? Can’t do it. You know how you always wanted to tell Susan in Accounting to shut the hell up? Well, maybe one day you can but today’s not the day and unless there’s another lottery drawing tonight, tomorrow ain’t looking too good either. Susan and your boss dodged a bullet and they didn’t even know it.

03. Save Money.
Nothing makes you feel as good as knowing that if a medical emergency comes up, or little Johnnie needs braces, you have the money set aside for it. Worrying about money takes years off our lives and since you didn’t get that windfall of cash you were hoping for, creating your own stash fund may help ease the heartache a little. Besides, saving money when possible will make you feel good about yourself.

04. Do something nice for yourself or someone you love.
Many of us think of all the wonderful things we’d do for ourselves and our loved ones if we win huge sums of money. Well, why not schedule or do nice for yourself or a loved one now? Granted, you may not be able to buy dad that yacht he always wanted or buy that new car for your wife, but maybe you can buy dad some sailing lessons or buy a car detailing package (or offer to do it yourself) for your wife’s current car. You’d be surprised how wonderful a clean car can make the driver feel and those sailing lessons will give dad something to look forward to in warm weather months if you live in a climate with winter.

04. Be Charitable. For many of us, our lottery winnings would allow us to give to charity or help out those who are less fortunate. Didn’t win the millions to help out? Well, just back to your community in whatever way you can. Even the offer of a random bottle of water, warm socks, or a care package to a homeless person can make a world of difference to that person and to your sense of well-being and gratitude for what you have.

05. Start Planning. Have you ever thought about how you can live with less material things or spend less on things that you need or how to avoid spending on things you really don’t need? You may not have won millions of dollars this time around, but planning to live with less and managing how you spend your hard earned dollars will help you feel more prepared to make a change in your life such as a career change, or when you’re turning that hobby into a small business.

Bonus #05. Cry (again). It’s okay, we all have to acknowledge when our hopes and dreams of waking up millionaires and billionaires are crushed.

life is a one time offer

  1. lotu2 says:

    Most excellent advice!

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