Love, and the Smell of Clean Sheets

Posted: April 10, 2016 in Awake, Humor
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“What is love?” is the hardest and easiest question to answer. Everyone seems to have an opinion on it, be in it, have felt it, search constantly for it, fall out of it, and so more more. Oh, and if you think I’m about to add my answer to this question here, let me be clear – I am not.

I just wanted to share that while I think I know what love is, how it feels when in it and when out of it, I know what makes me feel loved and what makes me love others, and it’s usually seemingly little things like:

– The person I love making me coffee or being awesome and sharing or making me a meal just because they know I’ll enjoy it (or in the case of coffee, I may consider killing someone without it).

– Spending a day together where the activity levels range from doing nothing to binge watching a series to attacking every mundane adulting thing like grocery shopping and laundry. Why? Because I was able to spend it with the person I care about. Oh, and clean clothes and sheets smell great! (By the way, do you know there are people who love, love, love, doing laundry, like addicted, to doing their laundry? I didn’t…but of all the addictions to have, I think this may be the most beneficial to have).

– The dog being happy to see me. If you don’t understand this one, sorry, (not sorry) we can’t be friends. 

So here’s to a day and a week of you all feeling loved, loving others, and great smelling sheets!


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