Silent Americans Mystify Me. Vote! Please.

Posted: May 4, 2016 in Awake, Pushing my buttons!, Writing Wednesday
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Silent Americans have an impact. If you’re not voting because your candidate is not on the ballot, you are still making a statement and this statement has an impact and consequences.

Of course I hope everyone who can vote, votes. I’m openly biased against the likely Republican party’s nominee and I’m okay in my soul with this. Hence my plea.

Abstaining from the process, no matter the reason, has an impact on the outcome. If you aren’t thrilled about the options, take a minute to think about how we got here. Once you have that answer, ask, “How can I work towards changing what I don’t like?”. This simple question is useful in so many areas of our lives so don’t limit yourself to using it only for politics. Let’s use voices, actions and ballots to make a difference and not become the laughing stock of the world with a mad man at the helm. Focus on making your life  better – whatever that picture of contentment looks like to you.

Oh, and if you still want to abstain, just a reminder from the ACLU about your voting rights and how at one time in the past, some had none. If you’re a woman voting for Trump, don’t forget how fragile your candidate’s ego is, and that you have your very own woman card…


  1. archecotech says:

    Find your thinking interesting, not that I agree with you completely because I don’t. What I do agree with is the fact that silence is a vote and not voting is a choice for a tyrannt on either side. One side believes in giving away the farm, the other side want to you to borrow to keep your farm. The worst part is that at both ends somebody becomes a slave. That in itself will set America back approximately 200 years. What the hell, maybe it’s better to start over and create a totalitarianistic monarchy and nobody votes. That way everybody is a slave. Great choices don’t ya think?

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts! The choices aren’t great, that’s for sure. I understand that it seems like there are widely different sets of thinking and that’s why I think that if we don’t like the choices, we should try to change who’s on the ballot or start with local reps.

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