Parsey McParseface and I have been getting acquainted because it is the intersection of language and artificial intelligence. Mr. “McParsedoes what most elementary school students do”, which is safe to say I may fail at being good at this. If learning about how computers can understand basic language makes you smile, check it out here in the Washington Post.

Cannabis – it’ll still waft all up in your house and lodge in your nose hole, but today, it wears fancy pants and a top hat, as it struts around with a hand made cane, looking down its snubby thin nose which has been broken in several places by well aimed punches, at its lovers. Well, not really but if you pay $100 to visit this high end boutique in San Francisco, you may want to dress it up a bit. I wonder how much business has skyrocketed for the bars and restaurants close by…

This week’s hump day haul included a small stash of reds – some were highly rated bargain deals and others were a little more but not “break the bank” bottles. They included a zinfandel from Rombauer Vineyards (The cabernet sauvignon is very good too but quote a few pennies more) a Paxis red blend (that I picked up right away because of the rating and the adorable bulldog on the label!), a Sur de los Andes Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon blend (that I’ve never had) and another delish Cab from Liberty School. 




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